When I set up Eternal Life Holistic Centre, I hadn’t realized what a journey it would be. It is still  a journey. First to come up with the name. What shall I call this new place? It came to me that this name Eternal Life. It is a reminder to us all that Life is indeed eternal. It is a journey that we take as individuals and a path that only each of us can take on our own. Death is not the end but it is only a stepping stone to the next journey in life. Hence Eternal Life serves to remind us all that death while we cannot stop it no matter how we want to try, is only a bleep. We do not have to fear it. Surrender to what is inevitable and peace envelops us. There is another journey after our physical body gives way.

The centre is for those who wants to journey and expand in their spiritual paths. To have their light grow as they grow in their paths. To acknowledge your gifts and yourself in this soul journey on this earth plane. So come, learn, expand and share your experiences.

The centre welcomes visiting practitioners who would want to hold space and their workshops.