Attunement Meditation with Arch Angel Michael

ImageGreetings all! Change is coming. The energies are quicker and the shifts that you’re all experiencing are moving faster. It is time to be ready for the change not only for those who practice in the field of what you call light workers but for those who do not practice, they will also experience the change. Those changes are what will throw you off course, confuse you in your everyday life. Some may experience turbulence along the way but it a change that needs to happen. I have come to wield my sword of truth and protection to all that ask. We angels have been standing in the background awaiting our turn patiently while you have explored. Now it is time to make our presence known once again. We are Angels of God, the changes and shifts are coming. – Channelled Message from Arch Angel Michael.

As I write this, I was about to post up as what the title said above, attunement with arch angel Michael. He had other plans before I could post what I wanted to post. 🙂 Arch Angel Michael is very present in my life at the moment. He is always with me and he is my protector. And so, I will quickly post the event that is coming:

Attunement meditation with Arch Angel Michael

The sword of truth is a powerful tool used in meditation. The sword of truth aligns us with the Source and grounds us at the same time. The sword of truth meditation is designed for those who feel that it is difficult to meditate, have clarity or finds it challenging to look at the truth of a situation.

Come get your clarity as Michael guides you in a mediation cum healing circle. The meditation offers you insight to yourself, your life purpose and transformation.

Come bath your self in angelic light now!

Energy exchange: 55RM

Duration: 2 hours 

Date: 25/ 1/ 2015

Time: 8-10pm

Place: 110 Jalan Terasek 2, Bangsar, Malaysia


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