Heart Mind Body Festival 15-17 April 2015

The weekend that past was an amazing 3 days for me. I set up my booth in Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore and offered sound healing for a one to one sessions. Those who visited my booth had an amazing experience after. One connected to the archangel which he didn’t expect, another, physical pains disappeared after the session and another manage to complete what she started after she had a full session.

Sound healing is an amazing healing tool for all. It helps to regenerate tissues on a physical level and helps on easing pains on a emotional level.

I held a sound healing and vibration workshop during one the days to a full house. I was surprise to see so many people and I’m so grateful that so many people turned up. There were those who experienced seeing colours and also connection to Archangel Michael as I start to tone.

I am so grateful for the archangels, my guides and the divinities for such an amazing weekend.


Workshop at Suntec

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