Rainbow Bridge

We love our pets our animals and we adore them to bits. But there will come a time when they have to cross over the rainbow bridge. This is inevitable. It is part of life. So what is the rainbow bridge? It is where animals go and have no more suffering. It’s the easiest way for people to accept when animals leave us, they are in a happier place.

As an animal communicator, I’ve connected with a lot of animal’s souls that have left this world. They do go to a happier place, a place filled with trees and grass and they have many friends. I have yet to see a rainbow where they are. Seeing them in a field where they are joined by many of their friends is what they show me. I sometimes get a feeling that this place I’m seeing is only a meeting place. A playground.

This place shifted recently in my recent consultation, I was shown a pure white room. One that was peaceful, and what look like clouds on their little paws. They eat when they want, with only  thought and there were angels and saints around them. Guiding them to the next incarnation. Yes the animal souls do evolve and they also need to rest for healing if they have had a traumatic life on earth for it is lessons they learn to go further in the next realm. To some who read this, it may seem to incredible and impossible to believe but I can only share what I see, sense feel. I will always miss my dogs that have past over but I know they are in a better place and I know I can always connect to them spiritually.


So for those who want to connect with they pets or any other animals, I will be having a level 1 animal communication workshop in June. Check out the workshop tab.IMG_0156

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