Sound Healing and Chanelling in Singapore

I had a sound healing and meditation with  crystal bowls in Singapore at the BLUE LOTUS. The energies experienced by the participants was intense and there was a lot of clearing done for those present. I invited Archangel Raphael for clearing of the heart chakra and for clarity of mind. The healing that night was deep for some, messages by the archangels received by some and some answers given that night to those who asked.

“So grateful to have met Irene. Her healing sessions always places me in a meditative state and the insights from her sessions are always very profound. I felt a cathartic release of repressed emotions in my last session at the Blue Lotus and am still processing it. I only wish she visits Singapore more often! I very much look forward to her next visit again.”Surly Serlee

My next sound healing session will be on the 18 June 2016. Details in my website or log onto fb: http://www.facebook.com/eternallifeholisticcentre

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