Angel Miracle

For the past few days I’ve been taking Angel Miracles to qualify as a teacher with Elisabeth Jensen. It has been a long journey but worth taking. Angels are waiting in the wings to help you through your hour of need or even in your day to day going ons. All you need to do is ask. They cannot interfere in your life if you do not ask for assistance. They wait at your side, watching over you and waiting. So what are you waiting for?

On the 16 & 17 July I will be holding Angel Miracle Level 1 workshop at my centre. Here you will learn to connect with your guardian angels, the archangels, learn automatic dictation by channeling the angels, and connect with the archangels of miracle, healing and protection.


If you are pulled to connect with the angels, click on the workshop tab and contact me. The angels are waiting.

“We the Angels are waiting for you to connect with us. For you see we cannot interfered in your life unless ask for. It is not that we do not want to help it is because we cannot help or intervene unless asked. That is the universal law.”

Blessings from the Angels.

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