Full Moon

Today is full moon where bucks grow their new antlers and reach young adults. It is where you shed the old and welcome the new in your life.  It was the Angel Miracle 1 workshop weekend past and the Angels welcomed those in the room with open hearts and with glee. Finally you call on them and finally you meet them even though they have always been with you.

On Sunday evening I held a full moon healing meditation and channelling and the light beings passed their message on.

Then as I sat reflecting on the weekend that has passed, looking through Facebook I received a message early this morning from the light beings.

“The world you are living in is always in need of reminders. You need duality so you can see what it is you lack and what is in need. Without poverty you will never appreciate riches, without cruelty you will never learn kindness and compassion, without experiencing failures you will never appreciate success. For you see you need constant reminders of what it is you have. The two things that you still have yet to master and the most important of all, forgiveness and unconditional love even in the most difficult situation. We see from where we are, we do not judge but we aim to guide. It is a lesson for humankind to learn. Yes we do see that there have been vast improvement on some but there are more upheavals to come in the world and in yourselves. So sit, in quietness, meditate and go within. It is the calmness within that you will see changes in others and the world .” Channel message from the Light Beings

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