Merry Christmas

Time sure does fly by so quickly. In two weeks it will be 2017. In a few days it will be Christmas. Another year flies by.

For the past month I have been feeling tired mainly by the changing and shift in energies on earth. Of course with the supermoons really did enhance the tiredness. There has been a shift in myself too. One that will direct me in my next direction in my healing work.

A common theme that runs through everyone, trust in self. We go through doubts, and insecurities in life. The What if i’m not good enough but we are good enough. We are given the tools to create and the ability to cope. Sounds cliche but it is true. We are not given what we cannot handle. We only need to take that step. The reason we don’t take the step is because we fear. We fear the unknown. We fear what we cannot see and what we cannot control. If we let our fears control us, we will never grow, we will never experience our fullest potential. This year has been a lot of challenges, a lot of unexpected turns. Taking the risk of doing something new and participating in something new. I’m glad I took that risk. There are more challenges on the way for me, and risk to take. Sometime we need to jump and have faith that all will turn out for the best. Failure isn’t a failure. Failure in something simply means it wasn’t for you, learn from it, move on and say ‘What’s next’. Hard to do but why hold on to your ‘failure’. It serves no one.

We are the inner being, the all being, the galactic being. The energies are shifting, changing and so are all of you. The awareness within you is starting to open, more of you will see what was once unseen. We are the collective mind. We offer you peace. Set yourself free from the unnecessary pains that you put yourself in. It is unnecessary. Humans think it is necessary to feel suffering, what is suffering but a feeling. We do not die just because we leave our physical bodies. We are always present. Our souls (what you call souls) lives on in another dimension, another planet. It is your bodies and minds that restricts you. A realisation that will come and all will see. – you are from the light and the light you will return.

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