The Year Of The Rooster

This year we welcome in the Fire Rooster. I am sure you can google what this year would mean in terms of your chinese zodiac so I shall not elaborate further.
I am sure you have heard that for the world this is a Number 1 year. New beginnings, the old has ended or is ending. Many changes we shall see. Well for one we saw the executive order of President Trump causing stress, and chaos. I am pretty sure we will see a lot more executive orders from the USA. What as a nation can we do? Yes our awareness of what is going on has been awakened. We become aware of what is unfair and no longer do we sit and ‘take’ it. We fight for our rights, and liberties.

I as a light worker, have experienced tiredness from the solar flares, and sometimes just lack of energies. While the world is going through it’s changes, I have been going through some changes. Realisations and new things opening up. To say that it has eased up this year, well the answer is “NO”. I am still experiencing shifts. 🙂 Sometimes when shifts are happening, it is best to take a step back and rest. One lesson a light worker must learn is RESPECT OUR OWN BODIES and LISTEN TO IT. This is not only solely applicable to me but to all out there.

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