Bali Spirit Festival

In April I was in Ubud Bali attending the Bali Spirit Festival. It is a festival where people from around the world come together to practice yoga, enjoy the music, attend kirtan workshops, yoga workshops, laughing yoga workshops and much more. It was a very interesting experience. It was my first time. What I would advice everyone coming for the first time is, bring your sun lotion. It can get very hot and muggy. Although on saying that the first evening I was there, the heavens open and it rained down. On the third day I was there, I experienced my first earthquake of 6.5. That was scary. However, the rest of my stay was peaceful. What I enjoyed the most was the bakhti nights. I most enjoyed the sacred cacao night where we get to drink the cacao and experience the evening.

If you want to go for next year’s festival, go to www. balispiritfestival.com to get the early bird special prices.

Here are some of the photos during the festival:

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