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Time Out

So much has happened to me in such a short period of time. Since Koh Samui, I went to Singapore to take up 6 days of BioGeometry course. Very very interesting on how to balance your home from EMF. I intend on using it on my home and of course anyone else who asks me into their homes. We don’t often think on what EMF does to our bodies. Well, a of health issues is caused by Electric Magnetic Frequencies without us even realizing it. From the emission from our phones, TV and computers and of  course street lights. After 6 days I am so glad I took up this to learn up what has been missing my subtle energy healing. Shapes hold energy too. Learning to detect grid lines, and how to get the power spot which lifts up your energy.

The other realisation that I have had is that too much can saturate what I need to do. So back to basics. I started as a Canine Myofunctional Therapist  then an animal communicator then embarked on a journey of various healing modalities. I still will do the healing but upon request. I am a healer through and through and for both the earth, animals and humans. I know learning all these modalities have enhanced my healing abilities, open up my mind and increased my vibration. I choose for now to concentrate on the Animal Kingdom. One that I love and connected since I started and one I cannot seem to let go nor will they let me go. I love the animal kingdom, and now the start of learning healing with nature. Bali was the start of energy shift, listening to the music of the nature (the most beautiful and peaceful music I’ve heard) I could sit in nature and listen to it forever. Mother earth and the animals beckon me and it’s time I stop ignoring those calls. As for healing modality, I”m a sound healer and a channeller. I will be offering that service as well.

So, I plan to hold animal communication workshop in Bali end of this year. Those interested please contact me or if you need any healing work done on self please do contact me. I do do distance healing as well via Skype. My Skype name: Baileyscorner (i’ve had this name since my 20’s and I guess it stuck ) Next plan is to maybe bring it to Europe perhaps.

I have never been so settled as right now.

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