September 2017

It is already September and time is just flying by. Before you know it, it will be Christmas and another new year begins. When I was little, I always wondered why is time flying by so slowly. Now that I’m much older, I’m wondering where does all the time go?!! Funny how we view time when we were young and when we are older.

My journey continues into the world of Neuro Linguistic Program. One course I must admit I’ve been resisting and had no initial interest. Then one day, something opened up in me and I decided why not do it. I wanted to know more about NLP. I must say there are no regrets sitting and sacrificing 7 days of my life because it is a very enriching program. One I shall apply. It makes a lot of sense how being a healer and NLP ties together. Nothing is one dimensional, not even healing. There is no one method of healing and that is my opinion. In my journey as a healer, I realised that everything we do is energy. We are after all energy.

A few months ago, I was in Singapore taking BioGeometry class. This class opened me up to so many possibilities in the healing world. How the two halves actually join together and suddenly it made perfect sense. For healing does not only encompass energy healing, it is a mixture of energy healing, symbols and subconscious. It isn’t one dimensional and it isn’t just one way.

Although these courses aren’t energy healing courses like reiki, or angelic healing both or which I’ve taken and qualified to teach the latter, I was in search of something more. A missing link you could say. The two courses I took, to me, became significant and I realised this is what has been missing. The other arm to healing. Putting the two together and practiced together becomes a powerful tool.

Now I’m not saying to do the courses, this is only my journey.


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