A Beautiful Life Gone

This is the new year, new energies, new centres forming or old centres remembered and emerging. So be ready for the coming year for it will be a big one.

A month ago, I found out through a friend that another friend had past away, he took his own life. We had just reconnected after many years of not being in contact and on reconnecting the friendship, he was the same person i remembered all those years ago, funny, always made others laugh and generous. Yes there were circumstances that had changed with him and also with myself and that is the process of life. There were no indication of him being anything less than his old self. So I was in shock and was saddened by the news that he was gone. I could not understand why he did it? I only spoke to him 10 days prior to his demise. Suicide is an action that no one will understand especially when there was no indication. As it was an unexplained death, I would have imagine all investigation were carried out to confirm the cause of death and hence his funeral was held a month later. He took his life in November.

Ever since I found out in December, I’ve been pretty melancholic, deeply saddened by it. Which made me wonder why? I hadn’t put the picture together just yet, then one day after conversing with my friend it occurred to me that this feeling is not my own. Could I have picked up another’s feelings? As soon as i realised this, the penny dropped. After cleansing and clearing my chakra, I realised that it was my friend’s feelings I was experiencing. In my minds eye I could see him and he was hovering around. At first I did not want to do anything about it but the feeling was too overwhelming and besides he was hovering around me, so it was best to send him to the light. Did I mention I’m a medium? All the how and why he chose me just came back to the latter. Although we weren’t as close, I was the only one who could sense him. There were of course some words I had to clear out from my chest, words I shan’t repeat but after having words with him, I told him that he no longer had a physical body, no one can see him and that everyone loved him. There was a full turn out for his funeral service. It was a beautiful service. After our conversation, I told him to follow the angel who was waiting by his side to take him to the light. There was a feeling of sadness as he left but he knew he was no longer alive and went to the light. When he left, the sadness inside me, disappeared. I should mention that he did apologise for hanging around me, he didn’t know what effect it would have on me by hanging around. The dead cannot and should not attach themselves for the living because their energy is of a different level. Hanging onto the living can cause a lot of emotional discomfort, unexplained outburst and physical ailments that are unexplained.

I am sad that he is no longer with us, I will miss him and his humour. I will never know what drove him to the edge but I know he’s in the light and his recovery there will begin. He was a beautiful person, a beautiful soul and a beautiful friend.

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