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Year of the Dog

How fast time flies by. Year of the dog and I’ve been sketching dogs! I’m not one who’s into the Chinese calendar and I’ll be honest I’m not sure what this year would entail for me. All I know is, our dogs have been fighting for a 2 months, both females have gotten bitten and so have I and my partner. It isn’t pretty and right now as I’m typing this I have a swollen thumb. So could it be the Black moon this coming month? Things are stirring and animals are so sensitive to the moon especially since we had the super moon last month and now the black moon. I know things are stirring within and I feel a change coming. I am not sure which direction I’m being led to but I am sure it is the direction that I will still help others. As a healer, growth is more than in the spiritual path. It is about how to connect with others and heal them through other means. I feel the excitement inside brewing and I am exciting in my next phase of my life. This year, I’m decluttering.

When I first opened a shop, it was a canine therapy centre as well as a healing centre. Few years passed and I realised having those two concept just didn’t work. Today I have excess leash, harnesses, toys and beds and I’ve decided to have a sale and clear up my space. I no longer want to stock those; that was one of the decision to let go of the retail side and keep only the probiotics for the animals. It was a difficult decision, perhaps cos I do hoard a little bit 🙂 but once made and announcement of the sale, I feel so much better and relief. So if you want to buy anything, have a dog, and in Malaysia, come over to the centre 9-3 jalan sri hartamas 7 from 11-3pm on 25 February 2018.

So, I’m having my first sound healing workshop on the 24th February at the centre. I’m excited as using voice as a tool for healing will be a great asset in life. I’ll be arranging a date for the next animal communication workshop and Archangel Michael workshop.

Cease the moment as it comes for it may never come again. Have a great Year of the Dog. Woof Woof!


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