Every year our birth-day comes and every year our age goes up never down. When I was younger I looked forward to my birthday, never shy to answer when asked how old I am…come to think of it I’m still not shy to tell people my age. However what has changed is this, where once there was parties, now I look forward to spending quality time with the ones I love on this day. Where once I remembered how old I am, now I have to take a minute before I tell you my age because somehow I do genuinely forget my age and I’ll take a minute to recall. Perhaps a reminder on how old I am, how short a time there is now and also a reflection on where I am heading. How much I’ve accomplished and how much more I can accomplished. Recalling the childhood days, having that ‘do you remember when…’ conversations. How once I was carefree and worry free now filled with responsibilities and a little more worry.

The way I resolve an issue is not the same when I was 20. It’s slower, more thought out and conclusive; weighing out all the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. I become more aware of myself, my desires, my life path, my learnings. I’ve done so many learnings that sometimes I do forget how much I have within me to achieve a goal because you see, no matter how mature I am, I do have the tendency of wanting to learn more, maybe it’s the pursuit of wanting to learn more if there is anymore to learn, maybe it is a fear of avoiding to apply what I’ve learned.

I did sat down with a trusted friend, who gave me a few home truths about myself. It wasn’t pleasant but honesty is not always pleasant. However, it did bring me back into alignment with myself, ground me and plan my next move. This is the truth about self-discovery. Trust the person closest to you, who doesn’t stroke your ego, who tells you the blatant truth and gives you no leeway for excuses. The answers are always within yourself. If you continue to avoid it, you will either loss or be faced with obstacles along the way. If the path you choose isn’t yours, then you will be struggling reaching the goal that isn’t yours to get.

This week with Mercury Retrograde in full swing, I found certain realisation within and the greatest realisation is acknowledgement of self and the gifts I have in my hands.

Watch this page for workshops that will be coming later half of this year. Some new, some old but with a difference.

With gentle love
Comes a sound
A sound so beautiful
That opens the heart
Opens the eyes and the soul
You shall soar, your hears says
Live to your highest potential,
Be true to yourself.

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