Knowing yourself / myself

When I was a child, I never liked to be called by my full name. I always went with my Christian name. That was what I was used to and my full name just sounded wrong. This went on for years until now. IMG_7013This was what I’ve decided to name my products. I always thought I should always have another name, one that is unique and one that stands out. What I forgot is, my name is unique and I do stand out. I am not no one in this pool of millions, I am someone in this pool of millions. If I have made a small difference to someone’s life, I would have made a difference.

Putting my initial to my homemade products is kinda a big deal for me. In the healing world, I am known by my christian name and little realising that my Christian name isn’t what identifies me. It is how people know me by the name. Today after meditation, I got was reminded by the Goddess, my name given by my grandfather is a gift. My name in Chinese means Musical Instrument. How apt it is for you see, perhaps my grandfather knew what I would do in the future. I realised, I am a musical instrument and I acknowledge myself for who I am.  I am a sound singer, using voice, vibration and frequencies to facilitate healing for others and for myself. The healing is scientific as well as esoteric.

Every workshops or courses I’ve attended and taken, has always been for to raise my vibration in the healing world. But I also realised that there was something missing. So I started my journey learning BioGeometry where an imbalance in the environment and self can be measured,and Neuro Linguistic Programming where I communicate with the unconscious mind so that the healing will be more permanent because the alignment of the mind for healing is very important in order for healing to even begin. I am a Master Practitioner Coach.

So from acknowledging and being comfortable with my name, it also  means being present, being seen and no longer hide behind a centre’s name, or another name. Fear of recognition, fear of acknowledging my abilities only puts me in a box. The box no longer fits me, I am ready to break the box, break the chains of limitation because to limit oneself is to stopping what you can do.

So in the next few weeks, I’ll be ready to announce my dates for sound toning workshop, animal communication.

Live life to your fullest potential.

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