Manifestation. What is it? What does it do? How does it work? You’ve heard the word before but how do you manifest? Do you just close your eyes and make a wish? Essentially that’s what it is. Make a wish. But will it come to fruition? I’ve been in a questioning mode recently. I was cracking my head on how to elevate my centre to the next level. To get traffic into my space.
DSC_2874I did what everyone would do, hope and made a wish. But that was not enough. To manifest something, you need to have intent for it to happen, to really want it to happen and the rest the universe will align and provide for you.

So I send out my intention. As I was scrolling through Facebook, I noticed there was an event in Kuala Lumpur, a festival called Body Mind and Soul. It is a holistic event that has a variety of natural product, alternative therapy, and i thought why not just enquire about it. Next thing you know, I’m in the process of participating in the event, and realising, this is one step to be seen. For you see, to manifest a successful space and provide healing for others, I need to be seen. That was when I realised, I’ve been hiding and have been comfortable in hiding, just work in the background. This ‘hiding’ is not working for me or for my guides who constantly pushes me to step up and step out. Gifts gotten cannot be kept but needs to be shared.

One can close one’s eyes, fervently pray for their desires but if you do not have the intent nor are you align with your desires, it is not going to come to fruition. While i’ve been ‘asleep’ for a while, it is time to wake up, get up and give back.

A word of caution, manifestation works both ways. Remember the phrase,’ be careful what you wish for’ the universe do not judge nor does it know what is right or wrong, whether it’s good or not, so if you wish ill will on others, and couple with intent, it will happen. That is a psychic attack. I shall speak on this on my next blog.

So, manifest with positive intention, be alive after all we are all here for a purpose.


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