Transition and change

As the energies around us start to shift, moving up a notch in layman’s term, we shall be experience some shift in our bodies, in our emotions and even in the surroundings. Not to worry, it is part and parcel of our DNA being shifted to prepare us for the new energies that will be settled by end of the year / January.

“As we shift and change, know that I am watching, guiding and holding you. This is all temporary and soon you will be back to normal only upgraded and with better awareness. Some have already experience changes in your lives, some may experience some awakening and perhaps even have fear of it. These are you gifts awakening. The gifts that you contracted to assist in the human world before you were born. Your soul contract. To deny your gifts, nothing bad will happen but would make your life a little bit more of a struggle. I am not saying this to set fear in your hearts but in the hope that you will listen. Embrace your gifts, embrace what is coming”. ~Lady Athena channelled messaged through Diandra Xenaphone

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