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There was once a girl I knew. She would always worry about the price of things. So much so that she learned nothing new, her life stayed the same and she lived a life of ‘what if’s.’

How many times do you stop yourself from buying product or engage a service because of the price? How many times do you think to yourself, that’s expensive. But expensive compared to what? Have you stopped to consider what value you would get out of that particular service which could be double the price of what is being charged? The value you get from having your cards read, or animal communication or even healing. When a healer / card reader does their healing / reading, are you happy with the service? Do you come away feeling good about it? Do you start to think that maybe I could do things differently? A little insight, a card reader cannot tell you that your reading is set in stone, because it isn’t. Your life may still change depending on the minute things that you do. Perhaps coming for a reading you’ve already set to change the course of your life. How much value do you place on that? Having messages from your animal that’s passed on. How much value would you place on hearing your animal from beyond after such a long time? How would it look in your life if you could only talk to your animal one last time, ease your pain, maybe guilt, loss.

Taking a workshop like tarot class, animal communication, meditation or even yoga, what value would you get out of those classes? How much value do you place on your life, your animals or your well being? So much value is being placed on material things like shoes, watches, unnecessary purchases, maybe some things you don’t really need but it was pretty so you bought it and it sits in your cupboard waiting for the day you can wear it for a special occasion. We’ve all been there, in fact I’ve got some sitting in my cupboard. One day I looked around, said to myself, what am I doing? All these things aren’t making me happy. So I pulled the breaks, took stock of my life and really look into what I REALLY want. I decided to invest in myself. Why not? After all I am the only person who can change myself, who can decide what I want. I value myself and the time I have on this earth to make a difference. 

So I ask you, what is the value that you place on yourself?

Life is for the taking, learn something new, progress in your well being and never live with regrets. Tomorrow may never come for some.


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