Taking the first step

I have shared that in my journey through life, what I do and what I continue to do, learning something new, I’ve also had to take a few steps to reflect all that I have learned in my journey. Yes I have certificates, most recent completing my trainer’s training in NLP but what do I want to do with what I have acquired?

I am faced with this for the past 2 months. What do I do? How do I get it started? I realized that taking the first step into what to me is unknown, or why I’m not taking that step is FEAR. The fear of what I don’t know the outcome to. I do still have conversation with myself and struggle with ‘Am I good enough? Do I know enough?’. It is that fear that stops me from moving forward, utilizing my skills. All those questions in my mind, those are the EGO that seems to ‘protect’ me from getting hurt. However if I don’t take that first step, I will never know what I can achieved. I’m sure that many of you have that fear that grips you, that stops you, that protects you? Well I definitely have those thoughts and fears. Then I get a memory of all those times that I took the risk, just shut those voices in my head that says “It’s not a good idea” and went for it. You know what I’ve discovered, even if I do not succeed, it’s a learning. There is nothing to fear. Every time you fall, pick yourself back up and have a learning, a learning not to do that way again. It is a learning on what NOT to do. Rome wasn’t built in a day..ever heard that saying. In life, we all must learn to move forward and not stay stagnant. At work, you would expect to progress, to move up the ranks, get a promotion otherwise why stay in that job with the same pay? So what happens, you leave your old job get a new one in the hopes of getting that big promotion.

yellow dry maple
Autumn is contemplation

So while I’m amalgamating all that I have learned, I shall sit back, rest, relax my mind, not overthink and let the ideas drift to me. I have an idea of which direction to head already. So until it becomes more concrete, I shall keep in quiet.

It’s like Autumn waiting for Spring. Where all new life springs, new actions, new beginnings.

photography of woman surrounded by sunflowers
The journey is unknown, unwritten but unique in each individual.


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