Happy 2019 or is it?

As I write this, this is the last weekend of 2018 as we head into 2019. A new year, a new beginning, a new transformation and a new energy. We all have our ‘New Year’s’ resolution. Yeah you know those ones, “I will lose weight, eat less, go to the gym, pay more attention to myself.etc…” Promises to self that never materialize. Could it be, your goals do not match your values?

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I had an interesting conversation with a girlfriend. How people seem to jump on the latest trend, the bandwagon. This year was the Goddesses, embrace the feminine energy, holding Goddess circle and sound healing, suddenly everywhere in centres they offer sound ‘healing’. Ok so yes the feminine energy is coming up and coming up strongly this year, this is the year where the feminine energy that has been brewing in the under currents and says’ ENOUGH’. I am a person, I am strong, I am female. I’m not denying the energy, I have felt it myself, and finally coming to my own person. The thing that I get perhaps bothered about is the sound ‘healing’ that seems to pop up everywhere. I understand one can go freely buy a tibetan bowl or a crystal bowl but somehow what gets me is do they know the powers of the crystal or tibetan bowl? Do they know what sound actually does for the body or just what they read or sat through a sound bath one day then realized, this is a cash cow, I can do this, it’s simple, I just rim the bowl, give it a few knocks and let the sound do the rest. Simple isn’t it? The real truth is, unless you understand how sounds works, what it does, you don’t really know it’s true potential.

Now I wonder why does it irk me when I hear another person holding a sound healing meditation / session. And I got my answer, it is because I don’t market myself. I’m the type of person that say, “well if they want a healing, they can find me”. Of course I have no right to get annoyed because another person who is not a healer but markets it better gets the people in. It is my own fault really. I know my abilities, I know who I am but I don’t market myself. I still play small, perhaps it’s that fear I have, the fear to be seen. The responsibility that goes to being seen. So I take the foot off the brakes. Having that knowledge and acknowledging what I’ve been doing, has spurred me to do things differently. To take risk, to be seen, to be known. No longer can I hide in the shadows, being invisible is no longer an option. And you know, if you’re a person who plays small, does not want to be seen, ask yourself, ‘what are you getting from it?’ What does it get for you for playing small?

As I move on from my little ‘healing’ world, and even the word healing has loss it’s energy for 2019. The energy shift and vibrational shift somehow no longer vibrates at the word ‘healing’. It’s more than just the word, to role I play is more than just a ‘healer’. Somehow that word doesn’t sit very well with me now. The energy doesn’t sit well. I am who I am, I assist those in need, I facilitate changes in the person. After all 2019 is all about transformation, play it big, be yourself and if you have been preparing yourself, shifting your energies and changing, you will know the bigger role you play in 2019. I cannot say what your role is, only what I’ll be doing for the coming new year.

It’s a long time coming, It is time to step out and step up. It is time to play the game of life bigger.

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So, are you ready to take on 2019? Are you prepared for all the shake up, shake down, the ups and the downs? Because it isn’t going to wait for you.

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