I don’t know what it is about 2019. It’s already mid January and I’m suddenly finding myself moving to a more conventional approach in healing and changing people’s lives. I’ve people come to me for anxiety, or reducing their food intake, or sleep deprivation (insomnia), I’ve had people see me for self-love. How I treat each individual is through hypnosis or using NLP technique. I find that those who is truly in touch with themselves, truly wanting change are the ones that will be a success in the hypnosis or technique. I learnt hypnosis years ago but I never applied it to my healing work then after qualifying as an NLP trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, I decided to start on what I learned before and what I learned recently. Up until now I’ve only done hypnosis before my sound sessions. Now setting has changed, and I wanted to see individuals for hypnosis and for NLP.

So I set myself a task, to provide free sessions for a limited number of people and I find so much joy in being able to facilitate those who need it. The results varied but mostly were a success. The thing about hypnosis is, it is self-hypnosis and I’m just facilitating it. One should not be afraid of hypnosis or look at it as mumbo jumbo. Trust the process, trust your hypnotherapist and all will go as plan.

If you want to find out more about the therapy, you can log onto www.therapist-hypnosis.com

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

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