Cleaning up

For the longest time I’ve been saying to myself, I need to clear up my cupboards, the rest of the things that is hanging in the house that I no longer use, yet somehow, I find that I cannot do it!! Everywhere I turn, that held certain memories, or that I may use it again. How many of you can relate to that. It’s the same as negative emotions, memories that do not serve you that causes you stress, anger, anxiety, fear. Those emotions clutter you life and also affects your health in the long run. For you see, emotions stays in your body and your body remembers, it’s in the celular level and when it’s held in there for a long time, your health will start to falter. Negative emotions and thoughts lower your vibration and that is when you may start to feel ill, maybe a headache, migraine, mysterious aches and pains, liver failure, kidneys, mental health..etc. You get the picture.

If you shout at a plant everyday, the plant would eventually wilt and die, but if you talk kindly to the plant, sing to it, it would flourish. Such as the body, to hold negative emotions would slowly kill your body, but if you treat it with kindness, your health flourishes.

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