There are many of us that do not think about what our principles are. I had a very interesting ‘coffee’ session with an acquaintance yesterday. What was meant to be a coffee session felt very much like a coaching session. Yes even as I move away from the traditional sense of being healer, and into a trainer of NLP and hypnosis, I still have some issues that I need to face, is it working in my life, how is it working in my life and do I need to change it.

The question that I was asked and still plays in my mind today, “What is my principles on money?” This brought me thinking, when did I start looking at money as undeserving for me. But it isn’t about what I learned in the past that has created my perception on money because it isn’t important. What is important in the present, what am I going to do about it? Let’s face it, we all need money to survive, to live, and to some to be able to splurge sometimes. Some more privileged than others and some has to struggle to even pay for food. So while money is not the most important but it is a necessity in today’s world. I equated money to guilt, and felt bad for those that do not have, yet, I failed to see that I need that green stuff to survive. Yet the realization is, how do I value myself. Money is an acknowledgement of how good you are in your art, in the gifts and that is how it’s measured. So when I feel undeserved to take someone’s money, I also telling myself I am not good enough. Now this is MY journey and principles on money. Yours would be different. Now knowing what my principles of money is, I can start working to change that principle. For you see, principles are neither right or wrong, it has nothing to do with ethics or morals, it is how you see it as. That’s all it is.

So the next time someone says to me, ‘our service is so expensive’. My reply to you, “Expensive compared to what?” Do you deserve the best or do you look for the cheapest service who’s service may just be mediocre. This is a decision only you can answer.

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