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Choices, which wants are the correct choice?

Many of us face choices everyday. We either make the choice conciously or unconciously. Small little choices like what to eat, what to buy, should you buy that dress? Those aren’t life changing, but when face with a bigger choice that could change your whole entire life, that’s when you really sit back, ponder on it and perhaps take the door on the left, or maybe not even open that door at all.

You see big life changing choice is scary. We don’t know what’s on the other side. Will it be the correct one? Will it be the wrong one? What will happen to my life if I do take the door on the left? When you say, “I don’t have a choice.” It simply means you have chosen not to see the bigger picture, live what is comfortable to you. Everyone has a choice. It’s whether you want to take it or not. If you don’t take it, then you’ve made your choice.

The thing is, there are no right or wrong choices. Each decision you make is a learning that you take away. No right, no wrong and definitely no failures. If it does not work out, it simply means that, that is not the one for you. Sure you will go through some hardships but that’s what learning is all about. It makes you wiser, and stronger. When we choose not to do anything, we aren’t growing, we aren’t expanding. Understandably, taking the first step is always the scariest but it takes courage.

I took the scariest step of all. To step off my comfort zone, of traditional healing and started learning about Neuro Linguistic Programming. From my previous postings, I’ve been wondering how I can help others better, to empower themselves, and NLP is one of the tools I can help provide others with, to empower their growth and learning and push them ahead. To top it off, I began my journey by qualifying as a Master Trainer in NLP and Hypnosis (recognized by ABNLP and ABH) It was the hardest journey for myself, learning what I can and finding out my limiting believes and to overcome those. To learn my ongoing patterns and acknowledge those patterns as not serving me. Then and only then can I serve other people better. I have always believed that to change or to heal, one must be diligent to work on themselves as well and not rely on a coach or healer only. We are just the facilitators that can guide you but the real work is up to you. I have a new Facebook page Dovetail Coaching Solutions (do like my page and say ‘hi’) and a website http://www.therapist-hypnosis.com

So, I have my new NLP training coming up in July. It is in Malaysia and for those who are living overseas, please email enquiries@therapist-hypnosis.com if you are interested in the training. Imagine the benefits you will get having two trainers training. For overseas participants, I have added a payment box via paypal in USD.

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