Wearing several hats

Which one is yours?

This fits perfect!! But wait this fits too! And this one too! So which one do I get? Which ones do I buy? We know when we have too many choices in our hands, we become indecisive, not too sure which hat to buy, so we buy them all! After all the hats will come in handy and of course I will put them on..NOT! Yes that’s happen several times to me. It’s become a pattern for me. Have too much of different things but they do the same job. Different hats but same.

That’s where I am. For a long while now, I’ve been scratching my head, no…banging my head on the wall, deciding on things that I love doing and how do I consolidate it. In the end, wearing so many hats just never got anything done. In fact I was exhausted being pulled in so many direction. I realized I’m not superwoman. I cannot do them all! So I streamlined. There were some hats that I thought just didn’t fit me anymore. So I did a Marie Kondo as it wasn’t making me happy. And as I shed the hats, my goals became easier, clearer and much brighter. Sometimes one needs to wear many hats before realizing which ones are better fit.

I am doing what I love, I love what I do and most importantly, I’m at peace with myself. Letting my hats go wasn’t easy. I had the perception that if I got rid of one hat, I would lose a sense of self, maybe I should continue for society’s benefit but I was unhappy. However once I did it, commit to never visit it again I felt so much better. And suddenly I didn’t know why I was even afraid to do it.

So try it. Which hat doesn’t fit you anymore? Why are you holding on to it? Does it still serve you? Are you still enjoying that hat? If not, what are you going to do about it?

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