Too Gung Ho

Ever had one of those moments when you say to yourself “Right, tomorrow I’m gonna get out and get back to my fitness regime. I’m gonna use my gym membership and start!” (this was after 2 months after joining the gym not gone, 6 months of not working out seriously). I’m in for a sweet surprise.

Yes I made it to the gym, I went on the treadmill and walked/ run for 10 minutes before hitting the kettle bell. No, 5kg was too light so I picked up the 10kg. That was ok..it did the kettle bell swing 15 times, then push up 20x, and one more exercise I forget the name…then it hit me. Everything was moving, the room was moving. Oh no!! So I sat for more than 10 minutes before the room stop moving but I still felt very delicate. I had pushed myself too far and too fast. The result was, a mild vertigo attack.

You see, when we push our body too soon, it will retaliate back. In my case, I didn’t pace myself, forgot the first rule, respect the body, listen to the body and what it can do in that moment and know when to stop.

All of us makes the mistake, push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion, saying to self, “I can do this.” Yes for the most part that is true, You can do that but it takes time to achieve that goal. Nothing gives immediate results. The goals that you set yourself can be achieve (and has to be achievable too) but the saying every good thing takes time, and that is what we need to give ourselves, TIME. Impatience over wanting to get there, will end up getting nowhere.

Little goals goes a long way.

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