Journey Thus Far

I feel like the Atlantic Salmon, swimming up stream to lay the eggs then just whittle away and DIE!! lol Ok not so dramatic. How many have felt that? Always swimming against the tide, the raging current in your life? The goal seems to be so far away yet you can just see it, taste it, it is within your grasp.

Well, life isn’t a bed of roses, yes that is what they say and yes there is a certain truth to it. While it isn’t a bed of roses, and it will be throwing you some curve balls, it is also teaching you lessons you cannot see, lessons that is vital to your next move. I am not expert in life. I am still learning and the day I stop learning, is the day I no longer am in this world. The learning sometimes is uncomfortable. Lessons you learn are not always meant to be easy nor to make you comfortable. However, it is an invaluable lesson. It could be something as small as a word that someone says, or someone pointing out something to you. If you resist, you will never take heed and change. So the choice is yours.

For me, everyday is a learning experience. Being aware of what I’m doing, or what I’m not doing. The reasons behind it. I am a sound facilitator, an animal communicator, an NLP Master Coach, Hypnotherapist and a Trainer. The latter was something that I resisted for the longest time but I realize when I enrolled into the training, I realized what it is about NLP that would help me in all aspects of my life.

So embarking on a journey as a trainer and coach has been very fulfilling and interesting.

If any of you wants to learn and participate NLP Practitioner Training. It is 7 days interactive and fun training. I am holding my very first training in July from the 7-13th. A whole day training and it will be at Hyatt House. So special rates can be given by the hotel if you are coming in from overseas. Just let me know. You can email enquiries@therapist-hypnosis.com

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