I started my journey as a law graduate, the traditional route in the educational field. I went to University, I graduated with honours, then did my Legal Practice Course. After that I came home to Malaysia in which I am currently still residing. It has been perhaps 17 years or more since I’ve been back. Those initial years when I came back was a struggle for me. My accent didn’t fit, how I spoke, thought didn’t correlate with the locals here. Yet as time passed, I slowly assimilated back into Malaysian Society, and so much so my thinking as well. I began to feel very comfortable and not have to work too hard for anything. After all life here with family around wasn’t much of a challenge and it was a comfortable life.

Something was bothering me. What I didn’t know at the time was, all this sitting back being comfortable was not progressing me as a person, in my heart I wasn’t happy. I dreamt of going back to the UK, it was home to me for 13 years and that was very difficult for me to let go of my 13 years living and working there. It took me a long time to get over that, to overcome what was home to me. Home is where I feel comfortable and while Malaysia took a while for me to feel safe, I have started to feel safe yet I get this feeling something isn’t quite sitting comfortably yet.

Starting my journey as an NLP coach, NLP Trainer, Instructor to Hypnotherapy and an Interactive Hypnotherapist, on top of what I already have, I’ve began to feel more at ease, more at home with myself. Perhaps that is what being at home means. It’s not a place but a person. I remember the saying ‘Home is where you make it to be’. If you feel at home with yourself, you can be anywhere in the world. Be at ease with yourself, know yourself and if needs to be tweaked and change for the positive, you are the only one that can do the change.

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