What is healing? A healer, who are they? Do you go to one? It is a strange word. Those that goes to a healer, expect to be healed. For the longest time, when I started this journey I’ve always been uncomfortable to be labelling myself as a healer. Even when I opened my centre, I called it “Energy Centre”. The misconception of the word Healing / Healer has always been a bother for me. It just didn’t sit very well. At first I thought, I was scared to have society look at me in a different light. Asking, “what does she do?” Giving strange looks. Perhaps I wasn’t accepting myself for who I am. 10 years past and the word ‘healer’ still didn’t work for me. I realized why.

To be named as a ‘healer’ expectation of the person going to the healer they want the healer to do the work and they can just lie back, take the energy and expect to be healed. What happens when the same problem, go back to the healer to get it sorted out again and when you don’t get ‘healed’, the healer isn’t very good.

The secret to being healed is all about you. You are responsible for you own health. You are responsible for your own well being. We as ‘healer’ only facilitate the energies to you so that you may start to see what is going on with you life, and start to move. You see, humans are lazy creatures. We expect someone else to do the work while we sit back to relax. They work in their normal jobs and will do the necessary improvements because their bosses requires it but when it comes to their own lives, oh it can wait, someone else can do it for me. Now I’m not saying that everyone is like that, a majority of us are. A small percentage realized that in order to move up and improve in their lives, something needs to change, something they need to do differently. That’s when they see a counsellor, an energy healer, a coach, or even take a training, it is for them to be able to improve and see things from a different perspective.

I don’t call myself a healer. I’m just a facilitator. A facilitator of sound with crystal bowls, a facilitator of energy, an NLP coach and Trainer and a Hypnotherapist. All those are facilitators to create changes in people and to those that are ready for a change in their lives. Those who complains about the pricing, aren’t asking the right question. How much is your life worth?

If you are ready for change, I shall be holding a 7 day NLP Practitioner Training from 7-13 July 2019. From 10am-5pm. Take a step forward, discover what you can discover about yourself, dispense with your limitations for that is not serving you.

I’ve included a contact form if you’re interested to explore further on the 7 day training.

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