The heart. What is it? It is an organ in the body that keeps beating in order for you to live, to be alive. It is the organ that if stopped you will no longer wake up in the morning.

So how many of us are alive? I mean really alive? We start our lives as a baby, not knowing the ways of the world, what will happen to use, then we start to learn through observations, listening, copying. The innocence of the youth starts to chip away when you first get hurt emotionally. When you first get told that you aren’t good enough, when you first get your first relationship. Ever so slowly you get chipped away, your innocence just fleeting away and slowly and unknowingly, you begin to build barriers so that your heart will not get hurt away. You hide the key so deep within that you can’t even find it or forget about it. Everything becomes normal, you are aloof because “That’s how you are”. You loose the empathy, start seeing things through rose coloured glasses and take everything with suspicion. Some escapes the harshness of life, but most will experience it, closing the heart a little bit until there’s nothing left to close.

While you may be protecting yourself, you are also losing yourself. The heart is a precious organ but it has a deeper strength than we give it credit for. You see, every time you get hurt, you learn NOT to do that anymore. It is a lesson, and in the school of life it is only lessons that we learn and not to look at it as failures because there are no failings in life. With each learning, you grow as a person and be the person that you are placed on this earth for. When you open your heart, and speak from the heart, you shine, you make a difference to another person.

So are you brave to unlock those doors that you kept so secure over the years? Are you able to live up to your potential? Take each day as a learning, and whether it’s a good learning or a bad learning, it is a learning. There are no failures. I am holding a one day workshop in Kuala Lumpur. If have questions and drawn to this, then fill the form below or you can make payment via paypal if you are ready to join this workshop.

Heart Opening Chakra

Date: 29 June 2019

Time: 10am-4pm

Fees: RM380

You will take away:

  • opening your heart chakra through voice
  • Heart meditation
  • Getting to know your inner self
  • Finding your voice
  • Release through voice

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