Surprising day

Ever been in one of those days that you just seem to bump into your friends? Well I did today and I’m not talking just 1 person. It was 5 people I knew.

Ever thought why you bumped into them? Is there something you should learn about yourself? Bumping into people you know may be pure coincidence or maybe it is the universe giving you a wake up call. Perhaps your life being so busy this person is a reminder that there is more to life then work or perhaps you may still harbour some anger, perhaps the universe is just testing you to see how far along you’ve come in your life. Who knows?

Speaking of emotions, most people tend to steep in their negative state. The more negative it is, the deeper the hole causing all sorts of chaos in their lives. It takes courage and the ability to look in as an outsider to realize what exactly this emotion is doing to you. You see, it is easier to dwell in what happened, what should happen then to see what are the positive experience that you take away from it. Human emotions are so complex, are you able to detach from it and see it from a different angle and perspective?

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