As a child Diandra Irene Xenophone is a natural empath. She could always feel what the animals felt. She later found her journey as a healer, a medium, channeller and sound singer. Irene qualified as an animal therapist in 2007 in Australia and in that same year, she embarked on the journey as an animal communicator in 2008. In 2010 Irene took courses in Auset Healing Temple and Angel Miracle course in which she found that Archangel Michael is one of her guides and through his energy she offers chakra clearing, healing and cord cutting to both animals and human counterparts using the Archangel’s sword of truth. Irene has been on The Paranormal Zone season 2 episode 10 on which she talked  about animal communication.

In April 25, 2015, she went on a sacred journey with Elisabeth Jensen and a group of healers to Egypt. She has been trained and initiated in the Ancient Temples and the Great Pyramid of Egypt as an Auset and Nefertum Trance healer & High Priestess of Auset, Nefertum and Anubis.

Irene uses young living oils during her healing sessions. The oils aids in raises the frequency in the healing session. Diandra Irene Xenaphone was introduced to the oils when she started her Auset (Isis) journey and have not look back since. The oils have helped calm, ground, help during meditation.

Her further journey in healing has led her to sound healing with the himalayan bowls, crystal bowls and also using her voice. Diandra Irene Xenophone has a musical background in piano achieving grade 5 and plays music that connects with the heart and in tune with the divine flow. She transmit the flow of the energy into music from the light beings while playing the musical instrument. While transmitting the flow of energy, she will start to sing and produce tones that is in alignment which is known as  language of the stars (light language). She went on a journey and attended workshop to hone her skills to where she is today. Irene was initiated by Lady Athena in front of the Galactic Council in 2018 as Diandra Irene Xenophone as a Sound Singer and working with the new solar system ‘Echolai‘. Her main work includes helping to co-create the new system and transmit it’s new sound codes into Earth and it’s inhabitants. 

Diandra Irene Xenophone offers  card reading, mediumship and channelling ,hypnotherapy, sound healing and animal communication.

Irene is a Law Graduate from the UK, a MA in Chinese Law but have decided to leave that world behind in pursuit of her true calling and passion and offer service to others and animals.




Laavenia seeks to facilitate individuals to find their own inner wisdom and make the connection between the world as we know it and the world of magick that holds the universal mysteries. She believes that everyone is meant to be their own Guru and seeks to empower each individual to see that they are the Masters of their own destiny.

She started her journey in the metaphysical world at an early age learning through meditation and mantras. Much of her early growth was guided by the ascended master Satya Sai Baba. She then continued her journey with House of Kite, a Temple of Higher Purpose, Goddess Medicine and Spiritual Sciences. Here she trained and studied under its Principle founder Sherwin Ng as well as his teacher Sri Mulyadi, International Healer and Founder of Blue Lotus Singapore.

She has been trained and initiated as an Oracle of Past Lives & The Tarot and has completed Auset Divination (formerly known as Isis Lotus Divination) She is also a Star Codes practitioner and provides star code attunements as needed during her sessions.

She has also been trained and initiated in the Ancient Temples & The Great Pyramid of Giza,Egypt by Elisabeth Jensen the Principal of Auset Temple Healing (formerly known as Isis Mystery School) as an Auset & Nefertum Trance Healer & Priestess of Auset & Nefertum.

Laavenia possess a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics and is very much part of the corporate world which ensures she has her feet firmly planted on the ground. Engaging and observing the daily struggles and lessons of the corporate culture, she is able to assist you to use the tarot to master the wisdoms of the earth and the cosmos and find perfect balance, the key to a harmonious and joyful life on earth.ki

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