HMB-246As a child Irene was a natural empath. She could always feel what the animals felt. She later found her journey as a healer, a medium and channeller. Irene qualified as an animal therapist in 2007 in Australia and in that same year, she embarked on the journey as an animal communicator. With her unique gifts, Irene does healing for both the animals and the human counterparts. Recently she has connected with Archangel Michael and is now offering healing and chakra clearing for both animals and humans using the sword of truth. Irene has been on The Paranormal Zone season 2 episode 10 on which she talked  about animal communication.

In April 25, 2015, Irene went on a sacred journey with Elisabeth Jensen and a group of healers to Egypt. She has been trained and initiated in the Ancient Temples and the Great Pyramid of Egypt as an Auset and Nefertum Trance healer & High Priestess of Auset, Nefertum and Anubis.

Irene uses young living oils during her healing sessions. The oils aids in raises the frequency in the healing session. Irene was introduced to the oils when she started her Auset (Isis) journey and have not look back since. The oils have helped calm, ground, help during meditation.

Irene offers Prema Birthing and Auset(Isis) healing, divination card reading, mediumship and channelling the archangels for humans and animals, hypnotherapy and sound healing.

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