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I am in LOVE

There are so many ways to love. But the one problem about giving your heart out is that it gets broken, hurt. What do you we do? We promised ourselves that we will never be hurt again. So we shut down. Problem with shutting down, protecting yourself, you stop the good things in too. When you close your heart, you learn to never trust anyone new. You miss out on opportunity that has potential but you are unable to see.

I’m opening up my opening /communicating with your animal workshop. In this workshop you will learn to open up your heart, and let the light into your heart once again. Learn to be happy again.

Click on the link below. To find out more on how to participate in this workshop.

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Surprising day

Ever been in one of those days that you just seem to bump into your friends? Well I did today and I’m not talking just 1 person. It was 5 people I knew.

Ever thought why you bumped into them? Is there something you should learn about yourself? Bumping into people you know may be pure coincidence or maybe it is the universe giving you a wake up call. Perhaps your life being so busy this person is a reminder that there is more to life then work or perhaps you may still harbour some anger, perhaps the universe is just testing you to see how far along you’ve come in your life. Who knows?

Speaking of emotions, most people tend to steep in their negative state. The more negative it is, the deeper the hole causing all sorts of chaos in their lives. It takes courage and the ability to look in as an outsider to realize what exactly this emotion is doing to you. You see, it is easier to dwell in what happened, what should happen then to see what are the positive experience that you take away from it. Human emotions are so complex, are you able to detach from it and see it from a different angle and perspective?

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Live on Friday 21/6 @8pm

I am writing today to inform those who follow my blog that I shall be doing a live zoom on the above date and time. Those who has any questions on animal communication, even a question for your animal or perhaps a more general question, I am only limiting the numbers to 10 people. So it will be those who fill out the form below that will gain access to the zoom. I shall be sending you the link to those successful 10 people. Sorry I have to limit the numbers as it’s only 1 hour limit.

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Ever wonder…

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Ever wonder why the further you try to run away from something, it comes back to you 10 folds. You just don’t want to do it, be there and yet something pulls you back.

Could it be that there are unresolved issues? Perhaps. Could be it the path you are suppose to be on? Quite possibly.

No one ever said being human and on this earth that it was going to be easy. If it was easy we would all be living it up right now. 😁

Many times we want to shut our eyes, run away. Sometimes, you just need time alone, by yourself and your thoughts, gather up your thoughts, courage then you move on. Life is not about giving up no matter how hard, or turbulent it is. Life is a lot of lessons and learnings. We has humans on earth need to start to open up our eyes. See what we have created, our mistakes, and what we can do to rectify it. It all begins from within.

Are you brave to start the journey? It all begins with the heart.

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The heart. What is it? It is an organ in the body that keeps beating in order for you to live, to be alive. It is the organ that if stopped you will no longer wake up in the morning.

So how many of us are alive? I mean really alive? We start our lives as a baby, not knowing the ways of the world, what will happen to use, then we start to learn through observations, listening, copying. The innocence of the youth starts to chip away when you first get hurt emotionally. When you first get told that you aren’t good enough, when you first get your first relationship. Ever so slowly you get chipped away, your innocence just fleeting away and slowly and unknowingly, you begin to build barriers so that your heart will not get hurt away. You hide the key so deep within that you can’t even find it or forget about it. Everything becomes normal, you are aloof because “That’s how you are”. You loose the empathy, start seeing things through rose coloured glasses and take everything with suspicion. Some escapes the harshness of life, but most will experience it, closing the heart a little bit until there’s nothing left to close.

While you may be protecting yourself, you are also losing yourself. The heart is a precious organ but it has a deeper strength than we give it credit for. You see, every time you get hurt, you learn NOT to do that anymore. It is a lesson, and in the school of life it is only lessons that we learn and not to look at it as failures because there are no failings in life. With each learning, you grow as a person and be the person that you are placed on this earth for. When you open your heart, and speak from the heart, you shine, you make a difference to another person.

So are you brave to unlock those doors that you kept so secure over the years? Are you able to live up to your potential? Take each day as a learning, and whether it’s a good learning or a bad learning, it is a learning. There are no failures. I am holding a one day workshop in Kuala Lumpur. If have questions and drawn to this, then fill the form below or you can make payment via paypal if you are ready to join this workshop.

Heart Opening Chakra

Date: 29 June 2019

Time: 10am-4pm

Fees: RM380

You will take away:

  • opening your heart chakra through voice
  • Heart meditation
  • Getting to know your inner self
  • Finding your voice
  • Release through voice

Heart Opening Workshop

This is a breaking the chains that hold your heart and that has prevented you from moving forward.


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What is healing? A healer, who are they? Do you go to one? It is a strange word. Those that goes to a healer, expect to be healed. For the longest time, when I started this journey I’ve always been uncomfortable to be labelling myself as a healer. Even when I opened my centre, I called it “Energy Centre”. The misconception of the word Healing / Healer has always been a bother for me. It just didn’t sit very well. At first I thought, I was scared to have society look at me in a different light. Asking, “what does she do?” Giving strange looks. Perhaps I wasn’t accepting myself for who I am. 10 years past and the word ‘healer’ still didn’t work for me. I realized why.

To be named as a ‘healer’ expectation of the person going to the healer they want the healer to do the work and they can just lie back, take the energy and expect to be healed. What happens when the same problem, go back to the healer to get it sorted out again and when you don’t get ‘healed’, the healer isn’t very good.

The secret to being healed is all about you. You are responsible for you own health. You are responsible for your own well being. We as ‘healer’ only facilitate the energies to you so that you may start to see what is going on with you life, and start to move. You see, humans are lazy creatures. We expect someone else to do the work while we sit back to relax. They work in their normal jobs and will do the necessary improvements because their bosses requires it but when it comes to their own lives, oh it can wait, someone else can do it for me. Now I’m not saying that everyone is like that, a majority of us are. A small percentage realized that in order to move up and improve in their lives, something needs to change, something they need to do differently. That’s when they see a counsellor, an energy healer, a coach, or even take a training, it is for them to be able to improve and see things from a different perspective.

I don’t call myself a healer. I’m just a facilitator. A facilitator of sound with crystal bowls, a facilitator of energy, an NLP coach and Trainer and a Hypnotherapist. All those are facilitators to create changes in people and to those that are ready for a change in their lives. Those who complains about the pricing, aren’t asking the right question. How much is your life worth?

If you are ready for change, I shall be holding a 7 day NLP Practitioner Training from 7-13 July 2019. From 10am-5pm. Take a step forward, discover what you can discover about yourself, dispense with your limitations for that is not serving you.

I’ve included a contact form if you’re interested to explore further on the 7 day training.

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I started my journey as a law graduate, the traditional route in the educational field. I went to University, I graduated with honours, then did my Legal Practice Course. After that I came home to Malaysia in which I am currently still residing. It has been perhaps 17 years or more since I’ve been back. Those initial years when I came back was a struggle for me. My accent didn’t fit, how I spoke, thought didn’t correlate with the locals here. Yet as time passed, I slowly assimilated back into Malaysian Society, and so much so my thinking as well. I began to feel very comfortable and not have to work too hard for anything. After all life here with family around wasn’t much of a challenge and it was a comfortable life.

Something was bothering me. What I didn’t know at the time was, all this sitting back being comfortable was not progressing me as a person, in my heart I wasn’t happy. I dreamt of going back to the UK, it was home to me for 13 years and that was very difficult for me to let go of my 13 years living and working there. It took me a long time to get over that, to overcome what was home to me. Home is where I feel comfortable and while Malaysia took a while for me to feel safe, I have started to feel safe yet I get this feeling something isn’t quite sitting comfortably yet.

Starting my journey as an NLP coach, NLP Trainer, Instructor to Hypnotherapy and an Interactive Hypnotherapist, on top of what I already have, I’ve began to feel more at ease, more at home with myself. Perhaps that is what being at home means. It’s not a place but a person. I remember the saying ‘Home is where you make it to be’. If you feel at home with yourself, you can be anywhere in the world. Be at ease with yourself, know yourself and if needs to be tweaked and change for the positive, you are the only one that can do the change.

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Journey Thus Far

I feel like the Atlantic Salmon, swimming up stream to lay the eggs then just whittle away and DIE!! lol Ok not so dramatic. How many have felt that? Always swimming against the tide, the raging current in your life? The goal seems to be so far away yet you can just see it, taste it, it is within your grasp.

Well, life isn’t a bed of roses, yes that is what they say and yes there is a certain truth to it. While it isn’t a bed of roses, and it will be throwing you some curve balls, it is also teaching you lessons you cannot see, lessons that is vital to your next move. I am not expert in life. I am still learning and the day I stop learning, is the day I no longer am in this world. The learning sometimes is uncomfortable. Lessons you learn are not always meant to be easy nor to make you comfortable. However, it is an invaluable lesson. It could be something as small as a word that someone says, or someone pointing out something to you. If you resist, you will never take heed and change. So the choice is yours.

For me, everyday is a learning experience. Being aware of what I’m doing, or what I’m not doing. The reasons behind it. I am a sound facilitator, an animal communicator, an NLP Master Coach, Hypnotherapist and a Trainer. The latter was something that I resisted for the longest time but I realize when I enrolled into the training, I realized what it is about NLP that would help me in all aspects of my life.

So embarking on a journey as a trainer and coach has been very fulfilling and interesting.

If any of you wants to learn and participate NLP Practitioner Training. It is 7 days interactive and fun training. I am holding my very first training in July from the 7-13th. A whole day training and it will be at Hyatt House. So special rates can be given by the hotel if you are coming in from overseas. Just let me know. You can email

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Too Gung Ho

Ever had one of those moments when you say to yourself “Right, tomorrow I’m gonna get out and get back to my fitness regime. I’m gonna use my gym membership and start!” (this was after 2 months after joining the gym not gone, 6 months of not working out seriously). I’m in for a sweet surprise.

Yes I made it to the gym, I went on the treadmill and walked/ run for 10 minutes before hitting the kettle bell. No, 5kg was too light so I picked up the 10kg. That was did the kettle bell swing 15 times, then push up 20x, and one more exercise I forget the name…then it hit me. Everything was moving, the room was moving. Oh no!! So I sat for more than 10 minutes before the room stop moving but I still felt very delicate. I had pushed myself too far and too fast. The result was, a mild vertigo attack.

You see, when we push our body too soon, it will retaliate back. In my case, I didn’t pace myself, forgot the first rule, respect the body, listen to the body and what it can do in that moment and know when to stop.

All of us makes the mistake, push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion, saying to self, “I can do this.” Yes for the most part that is true, You can do that but it takes time to achieve that goal. Nothing gives immediate results. The goals that you set yourself can be achieve (and has to be achievable too) but the saying every good thing takes time, and that is what we need to give ourselves, TIME. Impatience over wanting to get there, will end up getting nowhere.

Little goals goes a long way.
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Wearing several hats

Which one is yours?

This fits perfect!! But wait this fits too! And this one too! So which one do I get? Which ones do I buy? We know when we have too many choices in our hands, we become indecisive, not too sure which hat to buy, so we buy them all! After all the hats will come in handy and of course I will put them on..NOT! Yes that’s happen several times to me. It’s become a pattern for me. Have too much of different things but they do the same job. Different hats but same.

That’s where I am. For a long while now, I’ve been scratching my head, no…banging my head on the wall, deciding on things that I love doing and how do I consolidate it. In the end, wearing so many hats just never got anything done. In fact I was exhausted being pulled in so many direction. I realized I’m not superwoman. I cannot do them all! So I streamlined. There were some hats that I thought just didn’t fit me anymore. So I did a Marie Kondo as it wasn’t making me happy. And as I shed the hats, my goals became easier, clearer and much brighter. Sometimes one needs to wear many hats before realizing which ones are better fit.

I am doing what I love, I love what I do and most importantly, I’m at peace with myself. Letting my hats go wasn’t easy. I had the perception that if I got rid of one hat, I would lose a sense of self, maybe I should continue for society’s benefit but I was unhappy. However once I did it, commit to never visit it again I felt so much better. And suddenly I didn’t know why I was even afraid to do it.

So try it. Which hat doesn’t fit you anymore? Why are you holding on to it? Does it still serve you? Are you still enjoying that hat? If not, what are you going to do about it?