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Brand new Day

Choices, which wants are the correct choice?

Many of us face choices everyday. We either make the choice conciously or unconciously. Small little choices like what to eat, what to buy, should you buy that dress? Those aren’t life changing, but when face with a bigger choice that could change your whole entire life, that’s when you really sit back, ponder on it and perhaps take the door on the left, or maybe not even open that door at all.

You see big life changing choice is scary. We don’t know what’s on the other side. Will it be the correct one? Will it be the wrong one? What will happen to my life if I do take the door on the left? When you say, “I don’t have a choice.” It simply means you have chosen not to see the bigger picture, live what is comfortable to you. Everyone has a choice. It’s whether you want to take it or not. If you don’t take it, then you’ve made your choice.

The thing is, there are no right or wrong choices. Each decision you make is a learning that you take away. No right, no wrong and definitely no failures. If it does not work out, it simply means that, that is not the one for you. Sure you will go through some hardships but that’s what learning is all about. It makes you wiser, and stronger. When we choose not to do anything, we aren’t growing, we aren’t expanding. Understandably, taking the first step is always the scariest but it takes courage.

I took the scariest step of all. To step off my comfort zone, of traditional healing and started learning about Neuro Linguistic Programming. From my previous postings, I’ve been wondering how I can help others better, to empower themselves, and NLP is one of the tools I can help provide others with, to empower their growth and learning and push them ahead. To top it off, I began my journey by qualifying as a Master Trainer in NLP and Hypnosis (recognized by ABNLP and ABH) It was the hardest journey for myself, learning what I can and finding out my limiting believes and to overcome those. To learn my ongoing patterns and acknowledge those patterns as not serving me. Then and only then can I serve other people better. I have always believed that to change or to heal, one must be diligent to work on themselves as well and not rely on a coach or healer only. We are just the facilitators that can guide you but the real work is up to you. I have a new Facebook page Dovetail Coaching Solutions (do like my page and say ‘hi’) and a website

So, I have my new NLP training coming up in July. It is in Malaysia and for those who are living overseas, please email if you are interested in the training. Imagine the benefits you will get having two trainers training. For overseas participants, I have added a payment box via paypal in USD.

NLP Practitioner Training

Learn how to unlock your potential, get rid of your limiting beliefs, achieve your goals.


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There are many of us that do not think about what our principles are. I had a very interesting ‘coffee’ session with an acquaintance yesterday. What was meant to be a coffee session felt very much like a coaching session. Yes even as I move away from the traditional sense of being healer, and into a trainer of NLP and hypnosis, I still have some issues that I need to face, is it working in my life, how is it working in my life and do I need to change it.

The question that I was asked and still plays in my mind today, “What is my principles on money?” This brought me thinking, when did I start looking at money as undeserving for me. But it isn’t about what I learned in the past that has created my perception on money because it isn’t important. What is important in the present, what am I going to do about it? Let’s face it, we all need money to survive, to live, and to some to be able to splurge sometimes. Some more privileged than others and some has to struggle to even pay for food. So while money is not the most important but it is a necessity in today’s world. I equated money to guilt, and felt bad for those that do not have, yet, I failed to see that I need that green stuff to survive. Yet the realization is, how do I value myself. Money is an acknowledgement of how good you are in your art, in the gifts and that is how it’s measured. So when I feel undeserved to take someone’s money, I also telling myself I am not good enough. Now this is MY journey and principles on money. Yours would be different. Now knowing what my principles of money is, I can start working to change that principle. For you see, principles are neither right or wrong, it has nothing to do with ethics or morals, it is how you see it as. That’s all it is.

So the next time someone says to me, ‘our service is so expensive’. My reply to you, “Expensive compared to what?” Do you deserve the best or do you look for the cheapest service who’s service may just be mediocre. This is a decision only you can answer.

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Cleaning up

For the longest time I’ve been saying to myself, I need to clear up my cupboards, the rest of the things that is hanging in the house that I no longer use, yet somehow, I find that I cannot do it!! Everywhere I turn, that held certain memories, or that I may use it again. How many of you can relate to that. It’s the same as negative emotions, memories that do not serve you that causes you stress, anger, anxiety, fear. Those emotions clutter you life and also affects your health in the long run. For you see, emotions stays in your body and your body remembers, it’s in the celular level and when it’s held in there for a long time, your health will start to falter. Negative emotions and thoughts lower your vibration and that is when you may start to feel ill, maybe a headache, migraine, mysterious aches and pains, liver failure, kidneys, mental health..etc. You get the picture.

If you shout at a plant everyday, the plant would eventually wilt and die, but if you talk kindly to the plant, sing to it, it would flourish. Such as the body, to hold negative emotions would slowly kill your body, but if you treat it with kindness, your health flourishes.

My readers, thank you for following my blog. Please do subscribe to my mailing list. It’s in the tab “subscribe”.

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I don’t know what it is about 2019. It’s already mid January and I’m suddenly finding myself moving to a more conventional approach in healing and changing people’s lives. I’ve people come to me for anxiety, or reducing their food intake, or sleep deprivation (insomnia), I’ve had people see me for self-love. How I treat each individual is through hypnosis or using NLP technique. I find that those who is truly in touch with themselves, truly wanting change are the ones that will be a success in the hypnosis or technique. I learnt hypnosis years ago but I never applied it to my healing work then after qualifying as an NLP trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, I decided to start on what I learned before and what I learned recently. Up until now I’ve only done hypnosis before my sound sessions. Now setting has changed, and I wanted to see individuals for hypnosis and for NLP.

So I set myself a task, to provide free sessions for a limited number of people and I find so much joy in being able to facilitate those who need it. The results varied but mostly were a success. The thing about hypnosis is, it is self-hypnosis and I’m just facilitating it. One should not be afraid of hypnosis or look at it as mumbo jumbo. Trust the process, trust your hypnotherapist and all will go as plan.

If you want to find out more about the therapy, you can log onto

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Happy 2019 or is it?

As I write this, this is the last weekend of 2018 as we head into 2019. A new year, a new beginning, a new transformation and a new energy. We all have our ‘New Year’s’ resolution. Yeah you know those ones, “I will lose weight, eat less, go to the gym, pay more attention to myself.etc…” Promises to self that never materialize. Could it be, your goals do not match your values?

red and green tree leaves on a sunny day
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I had an interesting conversation with a girlfriend. How people seem to jump on the latest trend, the bandwagon. This year was the Goddesses, embrace the feminine energy, holding Goddess circle and sound healing, suddenly everywhere in centres they offer sound ‘healing’. Ok so yes the feminine energy is coming up and coming up strongly this year, this is the year where the feminine energy that has been brewing in the under currents and says’ ENOUGH’. I am a person, I am strong, I am female. I’m not denying the energy, I have felt it myself, and finally coming to my own person. The thing that I get perhaps bothered about is the sound ‘healing’ that seems to pop up everywhere. I understand one can go freely buy a tibetan bowl or a crystal bowl but somehow what gets me is do they know the powers of the crystal or tibetan bowl? Do they know what sound actually does for the body or just what they read or sat through a sound bath one day then realized, this is a cash cow, I can do this, it’s simple, I just rim the bowl, give it a few knocks and let the sound do the rest. Simple isn’t it? The real truth is, unless you understand how sounds works, what it does, you don’t really know it’s true potential.

Now I wonder why does it irk me when I hear another person holding a sound healing meditation / session. And I got my answer, it is because I don’t market myself. I’m the type of person that say, “well if they want a healing, they can find me”. Of course I have no right to get annoyed because another person who is not a healer but markets it better gets the people in. It is my own fault really. I know my abilities, I know who I am but I don’t market myself. I still play small, perhaps it’s that fear I have, the fear to be seen. The responsibility that goes to being seen. So I take the foot off the brakes. Having that knowledge and acknowledging what I’ve been doing, has spurred me to do things differently. To take risk, to be seen, to be known. No longer can I hide in the shadows, being invisible is no longer an option. And you know, if you’re a person who plays small, does not want to be seen, ask yourself, ‘what are you getting from it?’ What does it get for you for playing small?

As I move on from my little ‘healing’ world, and even the word healing has loss it’s energy for 2019. The energy shift and vibrational shift somehow no longer vibrates at the word ‘healing’. It’s more than just the word, to role I play is more than just a ‘healer’. Somehow that word doesn’t sit very well with me now. The energy doesn’t sit well. I am who I am, I assist those in need, I facilitate changes in the person. After all 2019 is all about transformation, play it big, be yourself and if you have been preparing yourself, shifting your energies and changing, you will know the bigger role you play in 2019. I cannot say what your role is, only what I’ll be doing for the coming new year.

It’s a long time coming, It is time to step out and step up. It is time to play the game of life bigger.

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So, are you ready to take on 2019? Are you prepared for all the shake up, shake down, the ups and the downs? Because it isn’t going to wait for you.

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Merry Christmas

apple bubbles fluid liquid
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For the past week I’ve had vertigo then got hit with the flu. I know I’ve reached the limit when my body starts to break down.¬† I am the type of person that is always on the move, and even when I’m not moving physically, my mind never stops running. Ideas run in my mind non stop, feels like a marathon. So with all that running, I finally came to an abrupt halt! It was the most unpleasant experience in my life but stop I must for a week. I had to learn to slow down and even then it’s still a learning process. I also reflect on my patience level. You know all good things come when you wait (appropriate timing). There are no limits to where you can go, what you can do, but there is a limit on the physical body. The trick is, do one thing at a time, pace yourself and all will fall into place. I remember when I first experience vertigo, I didn’t know what it was at that time, I thought I was going to DIE!! Imagine the whole area around me started to spin and spin fast! It took 30 mins or so before the spinning stopped. Now I don’t try to get up too fast, to turn too fast. It acts as a trigger. Vertigo is caused by an inner ear imbalance and I was on medication for 5 days. Thankfully, there has been no serious recurrence.

So how many times have you experience your body telling you to drink more water, rest more, sleep more, exercise more? How many have got health issues due to lack of sleep, stress, anxiety? While your mind may say go, go, go…your body will give you a different message. It is best to listen to your body then to continue pushing it to the brink.

On that note, it is going to Christmas in a few days and soon it will be 2019. Time is sure whizzing by. Time waits for no man or woman. There are changes to what I’ll be doing next year. The same but different approaches to how I’ll be doing things. So keep reading, follow my events on the website and I shall keep all of you updated!


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Taking the first step

I have shared that in my journey through life, what I do and what I continue to do, learning something new, I’ve also had to take a few steps to reflect all that I have learned in my journey. Yes I have certificates, most recent completing my trainer’s training in NLP but what do I want to do with what I have acquired?

I am faced with this for the past 2 months. What do I do? How do I get it started? I realized that taking the first step into what to me is unknown, or why I’m not taking that step is FEAR. The fear of what I don’t know the outcome to. I do still have conversation with myself and struggle with ‘Am I good enough? Do I know enough?’. It is that fear that stops me from moving forward, utilizing my skills. All those questions in my mind, those are the EGO that seems to ‘protect’ me from getting hurt. However if I don’t take that first step, I will never know what I can achieved. I’m sure that many of you have that fear that grips you, that stops you, that protects you? Well I definitely have those thoughts and fears. Then I get a memory of all those times that I took the risk, just shut those voices in my head that says “It’s not a good idea” and went for it. You know what I’ve discovered, even if I do not succeed, it’s a learning. There is nothing to fear. Every time you fall, pick yourself back up and have a learning, a learning not to do that way again. It is a learning on what NOT to do. Rome wasn’t built in a day..ever heard that saying. In life, we all must learn to move forward and not stay stagnant. At work, you would expect to progress, to move up the ranks, get a promotion otherwise why stay in that job with the same pay? So what happens, you leave your old job get a new one in the hopes of getting that big promotion.

yellow dry maple
Autumn is contemplation

So while I’m amalgamating all that I have learned, I shall sit back, rest, relax my mind, not overthink and let the ideas drift to me. I have an idea of which direction to head already. So until it becomes more concrete, I shall keep in quiet.

It’s like Autumn waiting for Spring. Where all new life springs, new actions, new beginnings.

photography of woman surrounded by sunflowers
The journey is unknown, unwritten but unique in each individual.


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Sound Alchemy

silhouette of people standing neat tree under the moon

With the Full moon last night, I decided to hold a last minute live sound session on facebook with my bowls and other musical instruments. I didn’t expect a lot of people to turn up but some did who saw my posting. The card I drew was the Goblin from the Avalon Oracle cards.

It’s about ego. How we are ruled by our egos, and how we let it rule us. We forget, we are not our egos and yet it’s just easier to just forget that what gets hurt is our ego. It is easier to run with the hurt..but what if you took one step back, think about logically what was said and decide whether you agree with it or not.

Which brings me to my next point. If you have done no wrong, ethically and morally, you should not be on the defensive. Your ego is the one the brings you into a state of defensiveness, stops you from doing what you want by installing fear because it’s an unknown, you don’t know whether you will succeed or not. Whether you do or don’t succeed, you take away the lesson and the lesson is NOT to do that again. It’s a lesson not a failure. Ego will say ‘I’ve failed. I’m a failure.’ And you will stop yourself from taking future risk. However that isn’t the case, instead of seeing it as a failure, see it as a lesson, a lesson on what not to do, what you did right and where you went wrong. Then get up, and do it differently. Isn’t that what life is about?

orb photography
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The world is in your hands. What you do with your life is how you conduct yourself, how determine you are and are you brave enough to take risks? Or are you looking through rose coloured glasses, let your ego rule you.

Last night’s sound alchemy was about healing the hurt, giving clarity on what is real and what is not for those who need clarity.

I must apologize for the interruption in the video, it was at a last minute and while I was playing the bowls, I remembered, I forgot to take my hang drum out..hence the rustling, and unzipping. Again, I do apologize for that. So if anyone reading this post would like to listen to it, just go to 


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The Journey

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Some who have been following my blog intermittently would probably know that I love to learn new things, new experiences and I do what I love and learn what I am interested in. I left the legal world behind 18 years or so ago, found my calling in the healing world, some may call it as woo woo and that’s ok. It is something that you may not understand just yet or just have no calling for it. I am much more known as an animal communicator and sound singer.

It was only in later years that I realized that science and healing goes hand in hand. How so? Well, in the healing world, we talk about alignment, chakras, vibration, grounding. In the world of science at least music, everything is measurable in frequencies, binaural beats and how our bodies, organs have different frequencies and sound obviously is about frequencies and binaural beats. How one’s body breaks down because maybe there’s too much excess of one ‘good’ food because that organ’s frequency has decreased. Now that is another discussion but you get the gist of it. It is fascinating to learn about it and to apply it. How sound works and how it can heal an ailment. Everything we eat, touch, emotions affects our health, our frequency in the body.

Imagine, we were so much more in touch with animals and nature years or maybe eons ago. As time progress, technology took over, machinery and profit and greed overcome our minds. That in turn closed off our communication to the animal kingdom and to nature. Look at how we cruelly reap off the earth, kill unnecessarily and quite honestly take what we don’t need. We live in a world of over abundance. Slowly creating havoc on earth. We have no lack of resources but our actions have made it such and our greed have become such that the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. As long as we carry on with our over abundance, we lose our compassion, ourselves in this whirlpool of ‘greed’. We get stress, emotions run high and sometimes go into mental breakdown due to our need to survive. So where are do the animals and nature come in? They don’t. We have forgotten what we were given, taking everything for granted, thinking that we have infinite resources. I talk to animals since I can remember and I can feel the pains of the trees when they are cut down for development. I feel the pain of the animals and the surroundings. I cannot comprehend how anyone on earth has no compassion and just think that money is the answer to their prayers, their dreams and still want more. I cannot understand how an animal is tortured, abused, abandoned and kill, and those abusers think it’s funny. Just as I cannot comprehend how one can abuse, torture and kill children. In Nepal there’s an annual festival that celebrates the sacred bond between Humans and Dogs. Why? The hindu cultures of Nepal believe dogs are messengers of Yamaraj, the God of death, and that a dog watches over the gates of heaven. Canines also appear in several ancient Hindu texts, serving as guardians and vahanas (vehicles) for certain dieties. This is all dogs, even the strays in Nepal.


Whether you believe it or not, we are all made of energy. When one incident happens, the energy is disrupted and the ripple may be small but we shall all bear the consequence whether we realize it or not.

As my journey in life progressed, I started my journey in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). What I realized in this journey, is that how healing world and how the ‘normal’ world can work together. How the two are the same but using different languages. It is also how individuals would want to push forward in their lives. Some believe in the holistic way, and others the more conventional way. Ultimately, both complement each other and so, as a healer and a trainer, I give task to my clients when they come in for a reading. I have been wondering how do I empower my clients to move in their lives and NLP became one of the solutions. The intertwining of both make the session complete. As a healer, it is not my aim to have recurring clients with the same problems. It is my aim to have my clients move in their lives, make a change in their lives and the first step is to take responsibility in their lives. The question is, “What do we want in our lives”?

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