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Photo by IF Photography

Beautiful isn’t she? We adopted her when she was 8 years old from a boarding place. She was left there after the family split up. When I got her, she was anxious, sad, depress and just in her shell. You don’t need to be a communicator to see all that, it just shows in her demeanour. I gave her hugs, kisses and telling her it’s ok. Yet there was something bothering her. If you aren’t in touch with yourself, or trust yourself, you will not have spotted it. On an emotional level, she felt loss. As I probe her further, she felt like she was being abandoned and her fear of being left again without a family, without someone to love her. Her questions, “Will I be left again? Why did my family leave me? Did I do something wrong? Can I trust this person (me)? Will she leave me?”

I assured her that if I ever left my marital home, I would take her. She didn’t believe me. So everyday, I send her love and a mental reassurance. And when I did leave my marital home, I made sure she came with me and stayed with me. Today she’s a happy 12 year old girl. She is in very good health, she gets hugs, loves and cuddles from myself and she’s out of her shell. No longer sad, depress and feeling of loss. I made good my promise and she acknowledges it.

Why am I writing this?

Well, I believe to be a good Animal Communicator, a person must have a strong foundation. To be in touch with self first then it would be easier to reach out to the animals. So, after years of seeing how others do their communicating skills in Malaysia, I saw something is lacking. I decided to open up a Foundation to animal connection, a 1 day workshop.

This workshop is open for those living in Malaysia. If you do not live in Malaysia, do drop me a line. I may consider a live online workshop.

Foundation to animal connection

In this workshop you will learn to get in touch with yourself, to look within, learn to ground and learn heart to heart connection with you first then your animal. It is a practical workshop. Bring Photos of your animal Collar, or toy


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Animal Spirits

A while ago I was asked to appear on The Paranormal Zone Season 2 to talk about animal communication. I agreed to do it. That was going back 2 years ago when animal communication in Malaysia was still at it’s infancy. Where people aren’t aware about animals having a soul and still today I still get ask the question can we really talk to animals. Well I’m going to put the video¬†below on the interview I did to answer some of the most common questions. If anyone needs my services please go to the contact page.