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Sound Alchemy

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With the Full moon last night, I decided to hold a last minute live sound session on facebook with my bowls and other musical instruments. I didn’t expect a lot of people to turn up but some did who saw my posting. The card I drew was the Goblin from the Avalon Oracle cards.

It’s about ego. How we are ruled by our egos, and how we let it rule us. We forget, we are not our egos and yet it’s just easier to just forget that what gets hurt is our ego. It is easier to run with the hurt..but what if you took one step back, think about logically what was said and decide whether you agree with it or not.

Which brings me to my next point. If you have done no wrong, ethically and morally, you should not be on the defensive. Your ego is the one the brings you into a state of defensiveness, stops you from doing what you want by installing fear because it’s an unknown, you don’t know whether you will succeed or not. Whether you do or don’t succeed, you take away the lesson and the lesson is NOT to do that again. It’s a lesson not a failure. Ego will say ‘I’ve failed. I’m a failure.’ And you will stop yourself from taking future risk. However that isn’t the case, instead of seeing it as a failure, see it as a lesson, a lesson on what not to do, what you did right and where you went wrong. Then get up, and do it differently. Isn’t that what life is about?

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The world is in your hands. What you do with your life is how you conduct yourself, how determine you are and are you brave enough to take risks? Or are you looking through rose coloured glasses, let your ego rule you.

Last night’s sound alchemy was about healing the hurt, giving clarity on what is real and what is not for those who need clarity.

I must apologize for the interruption in the video, it was at a last minute and while I was playing the bowls, I remembered, I forgot to take my hang drum out..hence the rustling, and unzipping. Again, I do apologize for that. So if anyone reading this post would like to listen to it, just go toĀ 


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The first Full Moon

Happy New year to all! May 2018 bring you joy, happiness, peace and abundance.

Today is the Blue moon, the super moon, the first full moon to welcome us in 2018. A friend posted on Facebook on the energies that’s going round and whether there’s something in the ‘air’. Well, there are some who are going through some emotions, depression, a sense of helplessness, sadness, melancholia, just don’t want to get up and do things. Well, I’m one of them feeling the effects but it started a few days before the full moon, in fact it started in 2017. Even a spiritual person gets affected in fact even more so with the current energies. But rest assured it will all passed.

So today seeing its the full moon, I brought out my crystal bowls, and ting sha, to clear my head, my mind and my heart. To release all that negative emotions that I’ve been feeling and to spread the healing within my house, my dogs, my partner. I’ve always been in service to others, today in my tired state, I decided it’s for me and my immediate family. The audience were my 4 beautiful rescues. As I played my bowls, all the angels, archangels, Goddesses, light beings, the Pleidians were invited to join. It was beautiful. Emotions were released, and a seed planted in my heart. I felt lifted and so did my animals. They were fast asleep by the time I finished playing my bowls. Such is the healing properties of sound and the bowls. My melancholia lifted. I thank all my special guests. I am grateful for their presence and their healing.

On with 2018! Exciting year ahead. The energies will be moving faster. You may feel a little imbalance and light headed more and more. Those who have prepared will be ok. Those who are still holding on to the old energies, may experience a lot of ‘hiccups’ in health and emotions. So time to let go of the old. By the next full moon, all will be lifted and the energy shift will be more potent and up a notch…if you know what I mean. šŸ™‚

I’m planning my Sound and tonation workshop in February. It will be an exciting 2.5 hour workshop. Learning to use voice to heal and clear your chakras. So do sign up for it! I am thinking maybe I have it on Skype too? What are your thoughts? Do let me know by emailing me.

If you’re reading this, give me a shout out!

Live, love and be passionate