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The Journey

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Some who have been following my blog intermittently would probably know that I love to learn new things, new experiences and I do what I love and learn what I am interested in. I left the legal world behind 18 years or so ago, found my calling in the healing world, some may call it as woo woo and that’s ok. It is something that you may not understand just yet or just have no calling for it. I am much more known as an animal communicator and sound singer.

It was only in later years that I realized that science and healing goes hand in hand. How so? Well, in the healing world, we talk about alignment, chakras, vibration, grounding. In the world of science at least music, everything is measurable in frequencies, binaural beats and how our bodies, organs have different frequencies and sound obviously is about frequencies and binaural beats. How one’s body breaks down because maybe there’s too much excess of one ‘good’ food because that organ’s frequency has decreased. Now that is another discussion but you get the gist of it. It is fascinating to learn about it and to apply it. How sound works and how it can heal an ailment. Everything we eat, touch, emotions affects our health, our frequency in the body.

Imagine, we were so much more in touch with animals and nature years or maybe eons ago. As time progress, technology took over, machinery and profit and greed overcome our minds. That in turn closed off our communication to the animal kingdom and to nature. Look at how we cruelly reap off the earth, kill unnecessarily and quite honestly take what we don’t need. We live in a world of over abundance. Slowly creating havoc on earth. We have no lack of resources but our actions have made it such and our greed have become such that the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. As long as we carry on with our over abundance, we lose our compassion, ourselves in this whirlpool of ‘greed’. We get stress, emotions run high and sometimes go into mental breakdown due to our need to survive. So where are do the animals and nature come in? They don’t. We have forgotten what we were given, taking everything for granted, thinking that we have infinite resources. I talk to animals since I can remember and I can feel the pains of the trees when they are cut down for development. I feel the pain of the animals and the surroundings. I cannot comprehend how anyone on earth has no compassion and just think that money is the answer to their prayers, their dreams and still want more. I cannot understand how an animal is tortured, abused, abandoned and kill, and those abusers think it’s funny. Just as I cannot comprehend how one can abuse, torture and kill children. In Nepal there’s an annual festival that celebrates the sacred bond between Humans and Dogs. Why? The hindu cultures of Nepal believe dogs are messengers of Yamaraj, the God of death, and that a dog watches over the gates of heaven. Canines also appear in several ancient Hindu texts, serving as guardians and vahanas (vehicles) for certain dieties. This is all dogs, even the strays in Nepal.


Whether you believe it or not, we are all made of energy. When one incident happens, the energy is disrupted and the ripple may be small but we shall all bear the consequence whether we realize it or not.

As my journey in life progressed, I started my journey in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). What I realized in this journey, is that how healing world and how the ‘normal’ world can work together. How the two are the same but using different languages. It is also how individuals would want to push forward in their lives. Some believe in the holistic way, and others the more conventional way. Ultimately, both complement each other and so, as a healer and a trainer, I give task to my clients when they come in for a reading. I have been wondering how do I empower my clients to move in their lives and NLP became one of the solutions. The intertwining of both make the session complete. As a healer, it is not my aim to have recurring clients with the same problems. It is my aim to have my clients move in their lives, make a change in their lives and the first step is to take responsibility in their lives. The question is, “What do we want in our lives”?

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As a sound singer, an animal communicator, there is always growth. A growth that was unexpected for me.

A year ago, I took a course that was out of the traditional holistic healing teaching. It was a very conventional course, a different way of looking at how healing actually works. I’ve been looking for ways that I can be more effective and able to empower my clients to start on their own healing journeys and I found that the healing world just doesn’t cater for that as much or not knowing how to do just that (that’s my opinion) and as a result, the client will experience the healing initially, happy and feeling great, then the backslide, next session back to the healer again. Well when I set on this journey, it was never my intention to get my clients coming back to me week upon week. I love seeing my clients progress, grow and come back to me yearly for check ups.

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I digress. The course proved to be more effective and was just what I was looking for. To empower my clients, give them a way to move forward. And so, I became a Master Practitioner Coach / Therapist and now Trainer in NLP and Hypnosis. It has been a challenging year for me, and to get to this point but what is growth without challenges right? 🙂

I am still a healer with added credentials you can say.


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In my many years as an animal communicator, a healer. In a blink of an eye it’s been 12 years.  I must admit, it has not been easy. There are times I just want to call it quits but then something always pulls me back. I wonder, how can I empower another person on their healing process. You see, a person can either choose to heal or choose to not heal. A healer starts the process and it is essentially up to you to continue the healing process and yet, those who can’t see will always come back to the healer with the same problems. So what can I do? As a healer, I want to encourage all those that come to me to move forward, heal but I wasn’t equipped with the knowledge. Until one day, I was nudged towards learning about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

It started to answer my questions. How can I help empower others? This was one of the directions given to me. For years I’ve been resisting towards learning about NLP, I thought I didn’t need it. Well I was wrong. The energies are so fast these days, and there are more and more need for people to realise their potential, what they need to do for themselves. I and many others who does the healing channel the guides, goddesses, dieties, universe and yes you will experience the healing, the challenge is to continue the process and that was what I wanted, for those to continue that process of healing. Perhaps if you’re given the tools to continue to perhaps, why not take it right? They are tools you can use everyday.

I took it one step further. I am currently in Hua Hin, Thailand to complete my trainer’s training in NLP and I got my certification after a gruelling 4 weeks here! Yes I can now train but it will a few  months before I’ll be ready to hold my first training. Phew! It is a journey of self discovery. What I do during stressful period, the bad habits I had/ have. Taking responsibility is the first step to change.

My role as a healer is to always expand my knowledge, integration of what I have learned. After all, if one doesn’t expand, energies cannot move right?

So if you want to ask any questions, please do email me. I welcome any queries.

Change begin with self.

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There was once a girl I knew. She would always worry about the price of things. So much so that she learned nothing new, her life stayed the same and she lived a life of ‘what if’s.’

How many times do you stop yourself from buying product or engage a service because of the price? How many times do you think to yourself, that’s expensive. But expensive compared to what? Have you stopped to consider what value you would get out of that particular service which could be double the price of what is being charged? The value you get from having your cards read, or animal communication or even healing. When a healer / card reader does their healing / reading, are you happy with the service? Do you come away feeling good about it? Do you start to think that maybe I could do things differently? A little insight, a card reader cannot tell you that your reading is set in stone, because it isn’t. Your life may still change depending on the minute things that you do. Perhaps coming for a reading you’ve already set to change the course of your life. How much value do you place on that? Having messages from your animal that’s passed on. How much value would you place on hearing your animal from beyond after such a long time? How would it look in your life if you could only talk to your animal one last time, ease your pain, maybe guilt, loss.

Taking a workshop like tarot class, animal communication, meditation or even yoga, what value would you get out of those classes? How much value do you place on your life, your animals or your well being? So much value is being placed on material things like shoes, watches, unnecessary purchases, maybe some things you don’t really need but it was pretty so you bought it and it sits in your cupboard waiting for the day you can wear it for a special occasion. We’ve all been there, in fact I’ve got some sitting in my cupboard. One day I looked around, said to myself, what am I doing? All these things aren’t making me happy. So I pulled the breaks, took stock of my life and really look into what I REALLY want. I decided to invest in myself. Why not? After all I am the only person who can change myself, who can decide what I want. I value myself and the time I have on this earth to make a difference. 

So I ask you, what is the value that you place on yourself?

Life is for the taking, learn something new, progress in your well being and never live with regrets. Tomorrow may never come for some.