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Mercury Retrograde, Full Moon, Opening and closing of portals, Lions Gate opening

Now that was a handful to type out. Finally we are out of Mercury Retrograde. And now we cannot lay blame for our behaviours on Mercury Retrograde, LOL.

Its has been a tough couple of months. Started with the opening of the Lion’s gate, so much clearing and so much received and strange things were happening around me and to me! Not to mention I was getting short fused, emotional and everything else in between. Now that all is settling down in the universe, I can get back to organising workshops, running it and holding it.

What’s coming up.

Just to make everyone aware, the centre will be close for a month in Sept till 3 October. I am taking a training course at that time. Learning never stops no matter how old one is. At the end of October, I’ll be having Level 1 Awakening to Animals. Do check my page for more details.

In November, there will be mini manifestation workshop, abundance workshop, hone in your intuition skill workshop, mindfulness meditation workshop and beginners tarot class workshop (this is the only 2 day workshop). Details are all in my Facebook page: 

I have been pretty quiet this couple of months. Shifts and changes within myself but that doesn’t mean my work has stopped. It’s either I’m busy or I’m centering my energies. I’ve started to do live sound bowl meditation on Facebook. If you haven’t like my page, please go and like it. I shall be also doing live card drawing and start on my Archangel Workshop that has been on the back burner for a while. So if you’re called in the archangel workshop or animal communication do drop me a line.

Here’s a little teaser on the Tarot workshop



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Year of the Dog

How fast time flies by. Year of the dog and I’ve been sketching dogs! I’m not one who’s into the Chinese calendar and I’ll be honest I’m not sure what this year would entail for me. All I know is, our dogs have been fighting for a 2 months, both females have gotten bitten and so have I and my partner. It isn’t pretty and right now as I’m typing this I have a swollen thumb. So could it be the Black moon this coming month? Things are stirring and animals are so sensitive to the moon especially since we had the super moon last month and now the black moon. I know things are stirring within and I feel a change coming. I am not sure which direction I’m being led to but I am sure it is the direction that I will still help others. As a healer, growth is more than in the spiritual path. It is about how to connect with others and heal them through other means. I feel the excitement inside brewing and I am exciting in my next phase of my life. This year, I’m decluttering.

When I first opened a shop, it was a canine therapy centre as well as a healing centre. Few years passed and I realised having those two concept just didn’t work. Today I have excess leash, harnesses, toys and beds and I’ve decided to have a sale and clear up my space. I no longer want to stock those; that was one of the decision to let go of the retail side and keep only the probiotics for the animals. It was a difficult decision, perhaps cos I do hoard a little bit 🙂 but once made and announcement of the sale, I feel so much better and relief. So if you want to buy anything, have a dog, and in Malaysia, come over to the centre 9-3 jalan sri hartamas 7 from 11-3pm on 25 February 2018.

So, I’m having my first sound healing workshop on the 24th February at the centre. I’m excited as using voice as a tool for healing will be a great asset in life. I’ll be arranging a date for the next animal communication workshop and Archangel Michael workshop.

Cease the moment as it comes for it may never come again. Have a great Year of the Dog. Woof Woof!


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Time Out

So much has happened to me in such a short period of time. Since Koh Samui, I went to Singapore to take up 6 days of BioGeometry course. Very very interesting on how to balance your home from EMF. I intend on using it on my home and of course anyone else who asks me into their homes. We don’t often think on what EMF does to our bodies. Well, a of health issues is caused by Electric Magnetic Frequencies without us even realizing it. From the emission from our phones, TV and computers and of  course street lights. After 6 days I am so glad I took up this to learn up what has been missing my subtle energy healing. Shapes hold energy too. Learning to detect grid lines, and how to get the power spot which lifts up your energy.

The other realisation that I have had is that too much can saturate what I need to do. So back to basics. I started as a Canine Myofunctional Therapist  then an animal communicator then embarked on a journey of various healing modalities. I still will do the healing but upon request. I am a healer through and through and for both the earth, animals and humans. I know learning all these modalities have enhanced my healing abilities, open up my mind and increased my vibration. I choose for now to concentrate on the Animal Kingdom. One that I love and connected since I started and one I cannot seem to let go nor will they let me go. I love the animal kingdom, and now the start of learning healing with nature. Bali was the start of energy shift, listening to the music of the nature (the most beautiful and peaceful music I’ve heard) I could sit in nature and listen to it forever. Mother earth and the animals beckon me and it’s time I stop ignoring those calls. As for healing modality, I”m a sound healer and a channeller. I will be offering that service as well.

So, I plan to hold animal communication workshop in Bali end of this year. Those interested please contact me or if you need any healing work done on self please do contact me. I do do distance healing as well via Skype. My Skype name: Baileyscorner (i’ve had this name since my 20’s and I guess it stuck ) Next plan is to maybe bring it to Europe perhaps.

I have never been so settled as right now.

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Angel Miracle Level 1 Workshop

It has been a fun 2 day during the weekend. I taught my first angel miracle workshop and it was fantastic. My student received insights and loved the class. To read her review please log onto Although I only had one student, I loved every moment teaching and connecting her to the Angels, meet her guardian angels, guiding her to see aura which she did a fantastic job.

I will be running the love 1 workshop again in October 8 & 9. So please do register and join in this wonderful, eye opening workshop. It will create a profound change in your life and create miracles in your life.

Look out under events page for the workshop.


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It has been a relaxing weekend for me. I needed to get away from the city for a few days to rejuvenate and to centre myself back. So off I went checked into the hotel and had a relaxing few days in the island of bali. My purpose of going wasn’t to explore the island, it was more to re energise for I’ve been feeling rather drain and it worked. Straight after Bali, I flew into singapore and took the Light Language workshop run by Yantara Jiro. It was this workshop that a lightbulb lit up. I’ve been doing healing for a while and this was in a sense the expansion I needed to incorporate into the healing work i’ve been doing. It was a fun workshop, lots of laughs. I loved every moment of the 2.5 days of the workshop.

Now I’m preparing for tomorrow’s manifestation meditation with the crystal bowls. It will be insightful and interesting night. So if you are in KL, in Sri Hartamas, come and experience it. It starts at 7pm. You will go back relaxed, refreshed with a twinkle or two on your feet.

Light languageLight Language workshop. Look at our faces!! 🙂

Blessings and light to all.