Archangel Michael Workshop 


Who is Archangel Michael? Archangel Michael is the only angel that is written in the Torah, the Bible and the Quran. He is concerned with justice and truth. Doreen Virtue writes that Archangel Michael makes his presence known during a crisis either by showing his aura or hearing his voice. Often his aura of royal purple is so bright that it is seen as cobalt blue. He is always present with us, and he is waiting for you to connect with him. Archangel Michael is the angel of protection and seen as an angel that cuts ego and fear. Whenever we are in need for protection, call upon him.

“I am the Angel of Protection and I carry the Sword of Truth.
It is with this sword that I will help you wield it for healing and clearing. It is this sword that you will be taught. Do not fear me. There are many who are chosen and whom have been given gifts. Know me, for the more people learn, lives will improve. For this is the time of angels. I am Michael the one you call Mikael. Angel Blessings to all. 🙏🏼💖✨“



2-day Workshop
9 & 10 September, 2017
59A Haji Lane, Singapore S18925
9am to 6pm

.:. Outline for workshop .:.
💖 Opening chakras with Yin yoga
💖 Blessing of water with the sword
💖 Meditation
💖 Chakra cleansing and healing
💖 Protection with the sword of truth
💖 Sound healing with the sword
💖 Channelling Archangel Michael
💖 Attunement

Energy exchange SGD680
50% deposit to confirm your spot
Limited to only 12 participants

To register, please email your full name, contact number and DOB to with subject heading ‘Archangel Michael’.

Chanelling Archangel Michael and Meditation

Venue: The Alternative Store

Time: 6.30-8.30pm

Date: 8 September 2017

Energy Exchange: SGD$40

To register, please email your full name, contact number and DOB to with subject heading ‘Archangel Michael’.

Basic Tarot with Laavenia

Date: 19 & 20 August 2017

Time: 10-5pm

Energy Exchange: RM1200 (RM200 Deposit required)

Venue: Eternal Life Holistic Centre

Further details: FB: Eternallife

Animal Communication Level 1 for Beginners

Date: 12 & 13 August 2017

Time: 10-5pm

Venue: Eternal Life Holistic Centre

Energy Exchange: RM1300

Early Bird: RM1200 before 5 August

For more details please look at FB: Eternallife

Sound Healing and Meditation

Date: 5 August 2017

Time: 2-3.30pm

Energy Exchange: RM95

Crystal bowl sound sound healing meditation with Ayuveda experience


January 12th 2017 the first of the full moon. I shall be holding a special sound healing session where you will experience wound with ayuvedic experience. We are all feeling the effects of the energy shift, come, experience the sounds of the magical crystals bowls, toning to shift and start moving into the next phase of life.

Date: 12 Jan 2107

Time: 7-8.30pm (please be on time)

Energy Exchange: RM105

spaces are limited. You will be lying on the floor so please wear comfortable clothes, a blanket as it may get cold.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Meditation


November 14 is the beaver’s moon. I am holding this special full moon two days before the full moon. The effects of the moon can be felt two days before and two days after. This is the extra super full moon. The effects of the moon affects some of us. Last month we had the super full moon, this month, is extra super. It is a time to shed our past, prepare for change, get ready for the changes to come and all this with the aid of full moon, the realisation of the increase of conciousness.
Come and experience the magical sounds of the crystal bowls, to help and balance with the energies and intergrate them into your life.

Please register early as spaces are limited.

Venue: Eternal Life Holistic Centre

Date: November 12, 2016
TIme: 5-6pm
Energy Exchange: RM85
Facilitator: Irene


Inner peace


Ascension meditation

First Sphere Course in Kuala Lumpur November 25-27, 2016


  • Be at peace with yourself at all times regardless of situation
  • Effortlessly let go of limiting believe patterns
  • Let creativity, love and joy to blossom in your life


Join us for this expansive, experiential weekend course that will teach you how to change your relationship with thoughts, emotions and the challenges of life, giving you freedom and energy to stay present and to be yourself. You will learn the unique techniques of Ascension that allows you to easily rise beyond the limiting believe patterns and chatter of the mind, into a direct experience of the present moment.

The Ishayas´ Ascension is a simple, powerful and user-friendly form of meditation that reconnects you to the present moment and true fulfilment. It is totally experiential and mechanical and can be enjoyed by anyone no matter age, health condition, background or believes.

During the course the teachers will thoroughly guide you to be familiar with your own experience of Ascension. The days will be gentle and fun and scheduled in a balanced way with lectures, practise and sharing’s. By the time you leave you will feel relaxed, inspired and energized and comfortable to continue practise on your own and ready to start exploring your life from a totally new perspective.

When: 25 November Friday 7-10pm, 26 & 27 November 10-5pm

Energy Exchange: RM1450 (non refundable deposit of RM250 to secure your place)

This includes repeating this First Sphere Course for free as many times as you want all over the world, and free support from all the Ishaya teachers

Venue: Eternal Life Holistic Centre

Facilitators: Aja & Taraka

Register: / / (Teachers)



Aja has a great passion for consciousness and love spreading the wisdom of Ascension, helping people find their truth within. She is one of the first Ascension teachers in Sweden and has a clear and humble way of sharing herself and the teaching.


Aja has 18 years’ business background of mainly operational and strategic change management within the finance industry. She also has more than 20 years’ experience as a recognised Nike sponsored fitness and yoga instructor in Scandinavia and trained in several other body and mind related healing programs.


Taraka has been teaching Ascension since 2003, having dedicated her life to service after experiencing so many blessings from Ascension. She has taught in North America, Europe and Asia (particularly in Singapore, where she has created and guided a community of ascenders).


Taraka is as real and passionate as it gets with her sense of humour and wisdom shining through as she teaches. Life is much more than what meets the eye. It is everyone’s birth right to experience freedom from limiting belief patterns and from all pain and suffering.

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Crystal bowl Meditation – Be Empowered within , 20 September 2016 @ 7pm-8pm

Be who you want to be. Be the strong person you are inside. In this meditation, questions answered, clarity attained as to what to do the next phase and goals in your life.
Please bring yoga mat, a small pillow and blanket as you will be lying down.

RM85 energy exchange



In the beginning of August, the new moon will once again be upon us. New moon energies are great for manifestation of what you want in your life. Once again I’ll be having a meditation with my crystal bowls in to help with the manifestation.

Energy Exchange: RM85

Time: 7pm-8pm

Contact: / whats app 012 209 6851 to register.

FULL BUCK MOON MEDITATION WITH CRYSTAL BOWLS, 17 July 2016@ Eternal Life Holistic Centre


This July marks the start of the Bucks growing their new antlers. From adolescence  to adulthood. Strong emotions may be experience during this change and shifts in full moon. This meditation I shall be channelling the divine and the angels.

“You shall not be afraid of changes. For change is imminent. Remember we are always with you through all the change n your life.” Archangel Michael

Time: 7.30-9pm

Venue: 9-3 Jalan Sri Hartamas 7, Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL

Energy Exchange: RM120 (at the door) RM95 (pay via paypal)

Contact: Irene 012 209 6851 (whats app)

Book in early as spaces are limited. Bring a yoga mat.

 Moon Meditation and Channelling the Archangels 18 June 2016 @ Eternal Life Holistic Centre, Malaysia


The energy of the full moon can be harness 2 days before and 2 days after. Together with the tones of the crystal bowls, the bowls enhances the energies with the moon energy. You will experience shifts in your life. This full moon, the dolphin energy will be present.
“For all that is going on in the world today, we must look at the bigger picture. The distress, the pains caused by others, we cannot hold on the hurt that inside. We the dolphins will show you the way to let go, put light into your life. Some will dream, some will wake with clarity and some will experience uncomfortable shifts. Our energies will help make the transition smoother.” – Collective minds of the Dolphins

Spaces are limited to 15 people. So you need to inform me if you are attending. Please bring yoga mat, a pillow and a blanket as you will be lying on the floor during the session.

After the meditation, you are invited to stay on for coffee tea and cakes.

Time: 6-7.30pm
Exchange: RM120
Contact: Irene 012 209 6851 /

Animal Communication Level 1 – Discover your animal guide


Come and discover the world of the animal kingdom. Learn how to communicate with your own pets and other animals. Create a closer bond with your animals.
In this workshop there will be:
Clearing of chakra
Connecting with your animal guides
Journey with your animal guides

Venue: Eternal Life Holistic Centre
Exchange: RM1300 Early bird RM1100 until 30th May 2016
Time: 10-5
Date 4th & 5th June 2016
Contact: irene 012 209 6851

Sound Healing and Channelled Messages from Archangel Raphael 28 May 2016 @ The Blue Lotus Singapore

Sound Healing can be transmitted through voice, using voice through other music, instruments, crystal bowls and each sound transmit their unique resonant frequency. For centuries sound have been used to ease emotional distress, depression, physical ailments like breaking kidney stones with a machine called lithothripter that uses sound waves.
This workshop, I combine my voice with the crystal bowls to create the frequency that is needed for each individual in need to clear the chakra, help to bring clarity to the individual as needed. I channeled what is needed at the time for the group in the room through toning. Previous groups have experienced, breakthroughs, seen colours, swam with dolphins and gotten clarity in the next stage of their careers.

Come join this magical journey of sound with me. Let me guide you in this journey.

DATE: 28 May 2016 (Saturday)
TIME: 7.30 PM – 9.00 PM
VENUE: The Blue Lotus

Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation 22 April 2016

Come experience the relaxation of the crystal bowl and sound healing. In our everyday life we encounter a lot people positive and negative , stress and even an array of emotions. Take an hour out, experience the healing tones of the bowls and melt away the stress and worries. Clear your chakras and experience the magic of healing. Crystal bowls

Facilitator: Irene

Date: 22 April 2016

Energy exchange: RM40

Time: 8-9pm

Venue: Eternal Life Holistic Centre