My light will protect those who calls for my help – Archangel Michael


 Chanelling RM480 for 60 minutes

This is a chanelling the Goddess or Archangels for guidance and messages to the clients.

Animal Communication & Healing from RM380 for 60 minutes

Animals have messages that they want to teach and pass on to us. We need to listen to their wisdom. This form of energetic level of communication usually entails messages from your loved ones, your guardians and animal guides as well as from your pet. It is usually coupled with healing when the animal needs it.

Space Clearing and Anchoring the light charged per hourly

When you experience difficulties within your home, excessive arguments, not knowing why, usually it is when the house you are living in has negative energies, or there are stagnant energies that somehow stops you from achieving what you want. This service is provided for houses that needs space clearing from stagnant energies,negative energies. This clearing will help move the energies out of the house and the anchoring of light will help to bring in positivity and harmony in your home.

Sound Healing  RM480 60 minutes

It has been shown that sound using frequency and vibration helps your body and soul to heal quicker. When you turn on soothing music your body starts to relax and you start to wind down the day. In this 1 hour session,  you will be lying down while I channel sound either through voice and or through crystal bowls releasing any tension, stresses and past karmic lives that you may have. This is a powerful healing session and you may experience shifts during the session. The sound healing will have different healing modalities guided by the light beings and the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.


This is a 1 hour session. The first session would be a consultation session with you to establish your needs followed by a hypnotherapy session. The consultation is also about whether I will take on your case or if not I refer you to someone who can take your case. 

About hypnotherapy. This is not mind control nor do can I control you to do what you don’t want to do. Hypnotherapy is another word for trance. We go into trance every single day. For example, when we are driving home from work, we don’t switch our brains to the routes on how to go home, we just drive home automatically. It is how we have programmed our brain to the route home. It is exactly how we have programmed ourselves on how to react on certain things. All the programming as we grow up is stored in our subconscious mind. Sometimes those programs do not serve us and causes us distress, anxiety, insomnia. Hypnotherapy is used to access your subconscious mind to find the source of you distress and resolve it. 

Sometimes it may take a few sessions to resolve an issue. 

Hypnotherapy is used to help:

Quit smoking

Anxiety, Insomnia

Self esteem issues and lots more

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There are many who are lost, and do not know which way to take. Perhaps wanting to get there, know where to head and yet unable to take the first steps or perhaps not know what the first steps are. If you are in that predicament, please log onto  for further details.

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