My light will protect those who calls for my help – Archangel Michael

Auset Healing RM388
Auset healing is a powerful healing that helps to clear the chakra, clear karmic links from the past, soul healing and soul retrieval. This is a 90 minute healing session which includes a 30 minute card reading followed by healing.

Animal Healing RM388
This is aimed for the animals who has spinal issues. I will be using Archangel Michael’s sword of truth is used for spinal alignment (for those with spine issues or bone issues). It addition the sword also helps in the removal of cysts, tumours, growth, cancer cells.

Animal Communication RM260 60 minutes
Animals have messages that they want to teach and pass on to us. We need to listen to their wisdom. This form of energetic level of communication usually entails messages from your loved ones, your guardians and animal guides as well as from your pet. It is usually coupled with healing when the animal needs it.

Space Clearing and Anchoring the light charged per hourly
When you experience difficulties within your home, excessive arguments, not knowing why, usually it is when the house you are living in has negative energies, or there are stagnant energies that somehow stops you from achieving what you want. This service is provided for houses that needs space clearing from stagnant energies,negative energies. This clearing will help move the energies out of the house and the anchoring of light will help to bring in positivity and harmony in your home.

Card Reading RM260 for 60 minutes

Using the Angel Cards, Auset Cards or the Oracle cards to channel the messages to you.

Mediumship RM388 60 minutes

Calling in your loved ones for any messages they have for you from the other side. Any messages and advices that they have for you.

Angel Channelling RM 388 60 minutes

I will channel the angels for messages pertinent for you.

Sound Healing RM320 60 minutes

You will be lying down while I channel sound either through voice and or through crystal bowls.

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