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There was once a girl I knew. She would always worry about the price of things. So much so that she learned nothing new, her life stayed the same and she lived a life of ‘what if’s.’

How many times do you stop yourself from buying product or engage a service because of the price? How many times do you think to yourself, that’s expensive. But expensive compared to what? Have you stopped to consider what value you would get out of that particular service which could be double the price of what is being charged? The value you get from having your cards read, or animal communication or even healing. When a healer / card reader does their healing / reading, are you happy with the service? Do you come away feeling good about it? Do you start to think that maybe I could do things differently? A little insight, a card reader cannot tell you that your reading is set in stone, because it isn’t. Your life may still change depending on the minute things that you do. Perhaps coming for a reading you’ve already set to change the course of your life. How much value do you place on that? Having messages from your animal that’s passed on. How much value would you place on hearing your animal from beyond after such a long time? How would it look in your life if you could only talk to your animal one last time, ease your pain, maybe guilt, loss.

Taking a workshop like tarot class, animal communication, meditation or even yoga, what value would you get out of those classes? How much value do you place on your life, your animals or your well being? So much value is being placed on material things like shoes, watches, unnecessary purchases, maybe some things you don’t really need but it was pretty so you bought it and it sits in your cupboard waiting for the day you can wear it for a special occasion. We’ve all been there, in fact I’ve got some sitting in my cupboard. One day I looked around, said to myself, what am I doing? All these things aren’t making me happy. So I pulled the breaks, took stock of my life and really look into what I REALLY want. I decided to invest in myself. Why not? After all I am the only person who can change myself, who can decide what I want. I value myself and the time I have on this earth to make a difference. 

So I ask you, what is the value that you place on yourself?

Life is for the taking, learn something new, progress in your well being and never live with regrets. Tomorrow may never come for some.


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Benefits Essential Oils

My love affair with essential oils started the same time I started to take my first healing workshop Auset healing Temple. In the workshop, essential oils were used for the meditations. There I discovered the magic of Sacred Frankincense and it’s benefit and is one of my favourite oils 7 years on. It was after the workshop I signed up to Young Living. Now I know there are many other brands out there, and I’m no stranger to other oils out there in fact if I find one that is pure, I would acquire it but when I mostly use essential oils by Young living. How do I tell if it’s pure? Purely by what is given to me by GOD or the higher beings, by my nose of course. I have been purely a user and as a user I’ve discovered the healing benefits on peppermint, rosemary, basil, pan away, frankincense, sacred frankincense, purification, lavender, tangerine, lemon..etc etc. You get the picture. These discovery was through trial and error. I could easily apply neat on myself. However recently I’m finding my skin getting very sensitive. It could be maybe I’m going through pre-menopause (a dreaded condition all women go through :D) but it I were to mix in carrier oil, it goes well on my skin.

From my love of the oils, I’ve begun to make cleansing oil, putting it into my lipstick / lip care, made moisturiser with it, bath my canines in the oils and make shampoos with it. Now bathing my canines in it dangerous? Not the oils I use. There are contraindication when bathing cats and certain oils, just google and find out what they are. My dogs, are used to the oils as I use to put them onto my skin. I must admit since using the oils, I can’t take the smell of perfumes. Today I went in for my long overdue facial and the product that was used, I know it must be an expensive one, I could not take the fragrant smell of the toner, the serum or cleanser. I think this will be my only time I’m going back for a facial. I will endeavour to make my sunscreen, my moisturisers with essential oils.

As a healer, essential oils work hand in hand. I am grateful for being introduced to it. In fact I recently mixed the oils for arthritis and the feedback I got was it really reduced the pain and inflammation when it flares up. I remember I had an oil for confidence and asked a client to apply it and lo and behold, she was more confident when she spoke, her thoughts were well thought and coherent. I mix the oils when the needs calls for and for specific needs. So if you need some oils for a specific purpose, you can contact me via email.

So I’m also in a midst of decluttering my house! Even as healers I am still human and I love my watches, bags, earrings, shoes…etc. It is quite difficult to even clear the things because the thought of I’d wear this always comes to mind but hey who am I kidding, I haven’t worn this in years what makes me think I’ll put it on now eh? Perhaps it is the approaching of the dark moon that I’m clearing out the old, things I don’t need, things I don’t use or wear. It is during this period that I’m feeling like I want to streamline everything. It is still a work in progress.

Work beckons again. Until next read, Blessings to all.

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A short break to Koh Samui

For the past week I’ve been having ear ache and headache. Perhaps it is due to the shift of energies. We decided to take a break from the city and fly to Koh Samui for 5 days 4 nights. The week didn’t start well, my fault really, I got the time confused and so we missed our flight. I rescheduled the flight for the following day and this time we didn’t miss the fight. You see there’s only 1 flight a day to Koh Samui operated by Bangkok Airways coach share with Malaysian Airlines.

Finally we got into Koh Samui. My first impression, it was very quiet, quaint not as busy as Phuket. I was pleasantly surprised. Different energy from Bali. When we got to Renaissance Resort and Spa, another surprise awaited us. We got upgraded to a villa with a private pool and jacuzzi. Now it’s a small pool but it was somewhere I could spend time read a book by the pool and just dip in the pool to cool off.

The very small pool

I told you it was a small pool. đŸ˜€

We spend most of the day relaxing in the villa, tired out from probably the stress of the city and our bodies just needs to do nothing. We walked around the resort, and I happily snapped a few photos.

The view from around the grounds in the resort. The beach was nice and gentle where I took my feet for a dip to ground the energies that was coming into me (thank you my friend). However more energies are still coming in and I’m still integrating.

On to the second day of our trip. We went to the waterfalls there. I have always wanted to go to the waterfalls in Thailand, in fact any place with waterfall I love to go visit. There was a hike up to the mid point waterfall but we found too many people. Now there are 2 waterfall in this place. The highest is 80 metres up. So after resting for a few minutes we

The beginning of our hike
waterfall 1
Having a rest before hiking to the second waterfall

continued to hike up the mountain. Drench in sweat, I will say it was well worth the hike. The view was beautiful.

The view

The water was nice and cool, and cooled off my body. I could have stayed in there for another hour. But it was getting busy.

The cold and refreshing waterfall

The nice and cool water..actually it was cold!

After the waterfalls we went to the secret garden. Paid a minimal amount to get in about 80 baht and in there were carvings of statues, animals. If I went there in the night it would be creepy.

I must say that I was not very riveted by this, I found it uninteresting.

After the secret garden we went for lunch at a cafe. It was here we saw this beautiful dog who was fast asleep. Cute as they come and so friendly. The waitress told us that he appeared a year ago, maybe he was abandoned by the owners. The waitress told us that he will follow any white person until he gave up. The restaurant owner let hang around  in the restaurant during the day. It is bitter sweet for the dog and I feel for the dog. All he wanted was somewhere he could go home and call home. We patted him, played with him and he wanted to follow us but we knew that isn’t possible. Why do people do that? Why abandoned your dog?! At least he is taken care of by the restaurant workers and owners.

I noticed one thing in Thailand, the stray dogs we saw were well fed.

This dog was relaxing when we were going up to the waterfalls

It was a nice break. The next day I went for a beautiful massage, a treat I present to myself. Then it was time to go home. Just too short a break.

Below are a few photos around the grounds in Renaissance Resort & Spa. The next time we go, I will definitely visit fisherman’s village. Unfortunately this time round, we missed the night markets where I wanted to see what trinkets they had. Ahh next time.

On a side note, as a healer, I must learn to relax and receive the beauty around. Sometimes my guides just push me into a “ME time” time to rest. Not just about caring and healing others. I too need healing done. Right now, I’m having an intergration of energies. Preparing for my next Archangel workshop in Singapore in July, my crystal bowl healing meditation in June in KL. Those who need healing, card reading while I’m in Singapore, please do message me.