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Mercury Retrograde, Full Moon, Opening and closing of portals, Lions Gate opening

Now that was a handful to type out. Finally we are out of Mercury Retrograde. And now we cannot lay blame for our behaviours on Mercury Retrograde, LOL.

Its has been a tough couple of months. Started with the opening of the Lion’s gate, so much clearing and so much received and strange things were happening around me and to me! Not to mention I was getting short fused, emotional and everything else in between. Now that all is settling down in the universe, I can get back to organising workshops, running it and holding it.

What’s coming up.

Just to make everyone aware, the centre will be close for a month in Sept till 3 October. I am taking a training course at that time. Learning never stops no matter how old one is. At the end of October, I’ll be having Level 1 Awakening to Animals. Do check my page for more details.

In November, there will be mini manifestation workshop, abundance workshop, hone in your intuition skill workshop, mindfulness meditation workshop and beginners tarot class workshop (this is the only 2 day workshop). Details are all in my Facebook page:Ā 

I have been pretty quiet this couple of months. Shifts and changes within myself but that doesn’t mean my work has stopped. It’s either I’m busy or I’m centering my energies. I’ve started to do live sound bowl meditation on Facebook. If you haven’t like my page, please go and like it. I shall be also doing live card drawing and start on my Archangel Workshop that has been on the back burner for a while. So if you’re called in the archangel workshop or animal communication do drop me a line.

Here’s a little teaser on the Tarot workshop



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The first Full Moon

Happy New year to all! May 2018 bring you joy, happiness, peace and abundance.

Today is the Blue moon, the super moon, the first full moon to welcome us in 2018. A friend posted on Facebook on the energies that’s going round and whether there’s something in the ‘air’. Well, there are some who are going through some emotions, depression, a sense of helplessness, sadness, melancholia, just don’t want to get up and do things. Well, I’m one of them feeling the effects but it started a few days before the full moon, in fact it started in 2017. Even a spiritual person gets affected in fact even more so with the current energies. But rest assured it will all passed.

So today seeing its the full moon, I brought out my crystal bowls, and ting sha, to clear my head, my mind and my heart. To release all that negative emotions that I’ve been feeling and to spread the healing within my house, my dogs, my partner. I’ve always been in service to others, today in my tired state, I decided it’s for me and my immediate family. The audience were my 4 beautiful rescues. As I played my bowls, all the angels, archangels, Goddesses, light beings, the Pleidians were invited to join. It was beautiful. Emotions were released, and a seed planted in my heart. I felt lifted and so did my animals. They were fast asleep by the time I finished playing my bowls. Such is the healing properties of sound and the bowls. My melancholia lifted. I thank all my special guests. I am grateful for their presence and their healing.

On with 2018! Exciting year ahead. The energies will be moving faster. You may feel a little imbalance and light headed more and more. Those who have prepared will be ok. Those who are still holding on to the old energies, may experience a lot of ‘hiccups’ in health and emotions. So time to let go of the old. By the next full moon, all will be lifted and the energy shift will be more potent and up a notch…if you know what I mean. šŸ™‚

I’m planning my Sound and tonation workshop in February. It will be an exciting 2.5 hour workshop. Learning to use voice to heal and clear your chakras. So do sign up for it! I am thinking maybe I have it on Skype too? What are your thoughts? Do let me know by emailing me.

If you’re reading this, give me a shout out!

Live, love and be passionate