“I found the session relaxing and peaceful. My body seem to find resonance
with the sounds produced. This sense of contentment and serenity stayed
with me well after the session was over” ~Ee Cheong, Singapore

The clearing you gave me felt wonderful. I could actually feel weight lifted off me. I did not have any expectations at all, and so was really surprised when you used your vocals to send energy waves at me. Sound therapy! The effect was actually perceptible. I had been nursing a headache all day, and it cleared up. Emotionally, I felt better too. I know my problems are still there, but somehow I was not feeling so emotionally strung up about it. So thank you very much :)”

~ Long Chek Juan, Singapore


“I had a wonderful healing session with Irene. She started the session with a series of questions. Interestingly, i felt the questions helped me in idetifying patterns as well. The healing proceeded with pleasant sounds and a calming and soothing humming. I felt immediately felt calm and at peace. She also made informed me on what to expect after the healing which was very useful for me to look out for” ~ Shree Mogan, Singapore